3 tips to guarantee yourself a great job, without breaking the rules. - Zaca

3 tips to guarantee yourself a great job, without breaking the rules.

Yes, you could lie on your resume in an attempt to get an awesome job.  It's been said that around 50% of Americans lie on their resume. But why do that? Karma's a bitch.  The consequences always catch up to you. Instead, try some things that not only work, they keep your ethics and your word HIGH (which employers like anyways). 1. Draft a Killer Resume You can still have an awesome resume without lying.  Resumes are extremely important, they're your "foot in the door."  Use very descriptive words, be to-the-point, focus on accomplishments preferably that are measurable (eg. increased sales by 13%), try and keep the resume to 1 page, and make the resume organized like a executive secretary typed it.  Hint: Find a person who works in the upper level of a company and ask to just see their resume. Believe us, people love to show their resumes.  Then copy the structure of their resume, or you may just get some good ideas of what to put on yours. 2. Blast Out Your Resume The more you get your resume out, the better your chances.  So you don't waste time, narrow down to the type of job or at least the industry you want to be in.  Then begin to mass search.  Put your resume on monster, search craigslist, search other job sites like jobing.com, talk with friends and tell them the kind of job your looking for, etc.  (Of course you should be in some way qualified for the positions your applying for).  Numbers is a powerful thing, the more you put yourself out there, the more you'll get back (just like dating).  Also, you want to get at least a half a dozen to a dozen interviews minimum.  First, it gives you confidence that you'll get hired which rubs off on the employer, second, you get enough selection to get a great job (1 out of 10 companies on average are great). 3. Not Cockiness, But Confidence When it comes down to it, employers are looking for the "best" person to fit a position.  Someone confident about themselves and about what they can do in a position always seems to be the "best" person to an employer (whether they are or not).  Don't come off desperate to get a job, even if you are.  People want what they can't have, so if you mention some of the other interviews you're going to or have been to, you always seem more appealing.  In a interview, you sell yourself, no matter what job or industry you're in.  And remember, dress to the nines.  It always makes you stand out, makes you look more confident and it'll probably make you feel more confident. In a matter of 1-3 weeks, following these tips typically will have you "thinking" about what company YOU WANT TO WORK FOR, rather than hoping to get hired by any of them.