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Patches Vs. Pills

This is a question asked everyday!  "Why use patches vs. pills?"  What we have done is gathered some real scientific and factual inforamtion to help you understand why Zaca uses patches vs. pills. pills1With pills one needs to take several dosages over the night to even have a chance to help with the hangover.  Most companies that have hangover pills suggest you take 2 pills before drinking and 2 pills every hour while drinking.  Who can remember this? Pills are harder for the body to digest and absorb.  Did you know that only 10-20% of the nutrients in the pill actually make it to the cellular level?  This means that 80-90%  is eliminated by your body!  Let's say you go and purchase hangover pills for $20, you are actually wasting $17 because your body will eliminate it. Pills contain filler ingredients to cut cost.  Almost 90-96% of capsules, pills, and tablets are filler ingredients.  Adverse reactions are caused by fillers mostly not the active ingredients.  Pills are hard to take and remember.  Most people recognize the use of supplements but the problem is they are a pain in the butt to take!  When was the last time you were suppose to take a supplement pill and just completely forgot?  How about people who can't even swallow? zaca-box-sample-picZaca Patches are easy to use and last 24 hours.  For example with the hangover patch all you need to do is put it on before drinking and forget about it and enjoy your night.  You can forget about this patch because it works all night or day.  There are NO fillers, sugars, calories, or colors added to any of our patches.  And, 100% is absorbed rather then wasting 80-90%!