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Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Bachelorette Party Survival KitIf you've been to a bachelorette party (or two, or many) in the past, you're probably aware that having bachelorette party survival kits are not optional, but a necessity!  It is fun to have some bags for everyone with unique, fun items.  But if you do it right, it also allows you to actually ENJOY the next day reminiscing about the night before over brunch. Here's 10 reason you should include Zaca Recovery Patches in your bachelorette party survival kit.
  1. Nothing is simpler to use.
  2. Milk thistle can do wonders for your liver.
  3. You can show it (somewhere sexy), or hide it (under your dress).
  4. Add Zaca to your "must do" list for the night and make it fun. (ie: patch up the cutest guy)
  5. Vitamin B's are always good for a big night out.
  6. Easy to travel with, even through airport security.
  7. Usually the most talked about item in party survival kits.
  8. Natural, unlike most other options.
  9. No caffeine!
  10. Everyone will thank you in the morning.
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