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November 29, 2018


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Amazing Gifts for Solo Female Travelers

"While rewarding, solo travel can also be exhausting.  Luckily, Zaca Recovery Chewables can help put the pep back in any traveler’s step — and more.

- Jessie On A Journey -, November 2018 Link




October 22, 2013


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How Much Does a Hangover Really Cost You When Traveling?

Fotolia_34221650_XS Not only can a hangover effect a day of planned fun, what most people forget is how it can effect your pocket book. Whether taking a trip to Denver for a skiing winter vacation, going to Miami to soak up some sun or having a business convention in Las Vegas, on both business and pleasure trips you typically want to let loose a bit.  And that may mean a few nights out longer than expected.  But how much are those nights out costing us? We decided to do some investigation and research to find out what a hangover really costs us when we're traveling.  In terms of a day's worth of pleasure or business, we want to measure how much money we wasted by missing out on a day worth of things we were supposed to do because of suffering a hangover.  Of course the severity of your hangover is a big factor, however, a typically one can drastically effect a full days productivity, and so that's an assumption we made. The main cost we factored in the infographic was the average cost of a hotel broken down daily, added with the average cost of a domestic flight in the US (which is $378.62).  The more nigths you stay lowers your cost as the flight expense is spread out between more nights.  You'll also find some overlooked expenses that may occur on your trip as well. We picked some the of the top destinations for Americans in this infographic and a few international.  Keep in mind, your travel costs could vary plus or minus based on where you live and fly from as these are just averages, and the columns show what the cost is to lose out on just ONE day. The costs that the research shows is very revealing of the true cost of a hangover. cost of a hangover when traveling    

Top Insider Las Vegas Tips and Hints

SONY DSCThe odds may not be in your favor to win a big jackpot at a Vegas casino, but you don’t need millions of dollars to have a high-rolling getaway to the “City of Sin.” Here are several helpful insider Las Vegas tips and hints to help you maximize your money – and your fun. 1.    Book at the right time. “Rates are generally lowest Sunday to Thursday when big conventions aren’t in town,” according to USA Today. Mid-December, July, and August are other times to catch lower rates at Vegas hotels. For accommodations at The Bellagio, this could mean the difference between paying $499 or $159. And despite, the proliferation of sites like, this is not a wise plan for this destination, warns  “This is one of the Vegas travel tips that can’t be stressed enough,” they say. They advise you to book your room in advance, search online promo codes, and look up hotels on the map to be sure you’re within stumbling distance from all the entertainment. 2.    Don’t pay for drinks. “Vegas casinos serve free booze to all gamblers,” reports the UK Guardian. You needn't sit down at a $100 blackjack table to be served. Even the penny slot players enjoy a complimentary cocktail. So skip the casino bar, have a seat at one of the tables or slots, and wait patiently. The best drinks can be scored at the Wynn – mojitos and top-shelf tequila included. The Stratosphere is renowned for having speedy service. Yet, a word to the wise: “if you tip them, they will come.” Be sure you tip your friendly waitress a dollar a drink. 3.    Pack smart. There are many misconceptions about Nevada weather, says People imagine it to be hot and sunny – which it is. In the summer months, you can expect temperatures soaring to 115 scorching degrees. However, the casinos keep their facilities at a chilly 60 degrees. So the smart travelers bring a light jacket to stay comfortable. If you are traveling in the winter, don’t be deceived by the average high of 68 degrees. It gets down to 34 degrees by night, even in the desert! Vegas is a town where you can expect to do a lot of walking, so be sure to buy a pair of cushy gel insoles, comfy shoes, and bring a pack of Band-Aids for your blisters. Speaking of being prepared, click here for one more item to add to your suitcase! Hopefully you have enjoyed reading these Las Vegas tips and hints as much as we enjoyed writing them. Now go and make that amazing getaway a reality! Read More: 5 Theories of What Causes A Hangover  
February 14, 2013


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Carry On or Check In?

Before flying you may debate many times whether to carry on your luggage or check it in.  Here's some insight to help you in the best choice for you. Advantages of Checking Inluggage Checking in seems to be the best option when your trip is around a week or more.  You don't have to worry about what to take and what not to take, just pack it all in, as long as you don't exceed the 50lb limit.
  • Fit lots of stuff in your suitcase
  • You don't have to lug a bag around
  • No worries to fit your luggage when boarding the plane
  • Phew, you can take hair care and skin care without being stopped at security
Advantages of Carry On Carry on is best for a light travel.  Business trips and weekend vacations (especially those Vegas trips!) are perfect to take a carry on and travel fast n' light.  Move in and out of the airport faster and never have to worry about your baggage.  Just make sure your bag is carry on size to fit on board (24" x 16" x 10" or smaller is a good size, each airline can vary thought).
  • Travel light and easy
  • No wait to check in your bag, nor the wait to pick it up at your destination
  • Have access to everything in your bag your whole trip
So what's the verdict in carry on vs. check in? Well it depends on your type of trip of course.  However, a few cons can help you determine that answer. Although you can't pack a dresser with carry on and you have to leave a few toiletry items behind that are larger than 3.5 ounces.  Checking in has a downside that seems to be much worse.  First of all, most airlines nowadays are charging to check in.  At around $25 a bag per way (usually Delta, United, Continental, etc), unless you're using an awesome company like Southwest, you're paying around $50 just to have your clothes come with you.  Instead, you could of spent that on a nice meal for two while on vacation. Take your pick. Secondly, even worse, is the risk of losing your luggage.  Sometime it's lost forever, more commonly it's just delayed, but delayed a day or even more can really throw off your vacation. For those two reasons we lean a bit more towards carry on.  Yet when you have a longer trip and you just can't resist taking those extra shoes or 10 pairs of everything, it's not up for negotiable, check in the answer.