At Zaca we challenge ourselves to do better --- from the inside to the outside of our products. We take this approach in every aspect of our business, from packaging and sustainability to sourcing and ingredient quality.


Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and supply chain.

Our chewables are packaged in a thin, lightweight packaging that allows for minimal waste compared to other products. How is our chewable more carbon efficient than traditional sports products?

(1 small lightweight packet is equivalent to a 12 oz sports drink.) 


Finding Smarter Packaging Solutions.

We’re constantly working on packaging solutions so we can feel as good about our packaging as we do the product inside. We’ve made strides along the way, but a bio-based film that can give Zaca a significant shelf life still does not exist. Today, we are actively looking for different materials.


Increase Our Use Of Recycled Packaging.

Use of recycled materials on our cardboard caddies and shipping materials. In addition, eco-friendly colors dyes using sustainable methods.


Ingredients & Sourcing

We believe in mindfully-sourcing the cleanest ingredients from the highest quality suppliers.