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The Brothers Behind Zaca Interview - by The Weekend with Ed Kalegi show

Hangovers, long travel, jet lag, long workouts

The brothers behind Zaca interviewed by The Weekend with Ed Kalegi show.

(9 minute interview, press play below)

August 23, 2018


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Forbes - Mountain Magic and Altitude Recovery Kits

forbes magazine zacavail zaca

"Additionally, you haven’t adjusted to the altitude yet and are staying The Arrabelle at Vail Square you can use one of their Altitude Recovery Kits ($50) which includes 20 minutes of oxygen, a peppermint oil foot rub and Zaca tablets to help combat any nausea or fatigue you’re feeling."

- Forbes, August 2018 Link


March 01, 2018


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Texas Lifestyle Magazine - When Texans go to the mountains...

texas lifestyle magazine summer spring 2018 zaca recovery chewables
zaca recovery chewable hangovers

"When Texans go to the mountains, adjusting to the altitude can be hard on the body.  Simply enjoy two of these mixed berry flavor chewables after dinner (and drinks) and you'll feel ready to ski in the morning.  Zaca's Japanese raisin tree extract helps with hangovers, exercise recovery as well as altitude sickness."

- Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018 Travel Issue (See the ski gear spread, p. 32-33 in issue)



January 31, 2018


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Experience Life Magazine - Chewables for those mornings when you wake up feeling foggy

"For those mornings when you wake up feeling foggy, Zaca recovery chewables offer a combination of herbs and antioxidants to support your detox and immunity."

- Experience Life Magazine, January/February Issue

Zaca Brothers Present to Entrepreneurs at 1 Million Cups

zaca at 1millioncups-2


You might be wondering what 1 Million Cups is. We think it's one of the coolest ways to engage with entrepreneurs and businesses locally.  Two companies present a week, 6 minutes at a time, and then get 20 minutes of feedback and questioning.  Both the entrepreneurs presenting and the audience get a great deal of value in the presentations.  We presented earlier this month, and we got a LOT of insight and resources. It's just another thing we love about Denver, it has become a new hub for startups.  Just recently Entrepreneur Magazine wrote "Move over, Silicon Valley. Colorado is building some serious startup swagger.", listing 4 of the top 10 cities in Colorado for most tech startups.  Yes it's listing tech, but combine that with Colorado being a mecca for health, it makes a great combo for companies like ours.  


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