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January 31, 2018


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Experience Life Magazine - Chewables for those mornings when you wake up feeling foggy

"For those mornings when you wake up feeling foggy, Zaca recovery chewables offer a combination of herbs and antioxidants to support your detox and immunity."

- Experience Life Magazine, January/February Issue

January 05, 2018


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What Are The Top 10 New Year's Resolutions?


Stay fit and healthy 37%
Lose weight 32%
Enjoy life to the fullest 28%
Spend less, save more 25%
Spend more time with family and friends 19%
Get organized 18%
Will not make any resolutions 16%
Learn something new/new hobby 14%
Travel more 14%
Read more 12%
Source: Nielsen


Over 50% of people make fitness and health resolutions.  If you're one of them too, we recommend trying the Zaca Chewables along with your workouts for improved results and recovery. 



December 18, 2017


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Is Japanese Raisin Tree The Cure For Hangovers?

japanese raisin hovenia dulcis

By Kara Beussink

In 2012, a study was done on rats. Drunk rats, to be exact. Researchers injected the little critters with enough alcohol to make them sufficiently rat-toxicated (see what we did there?!), followed by injections of isolated dihydromyricetin (DHM), a flavonoid found in hovenia dulcis (AKA the Japanese raisin tree). Researchers took notes on not only blood alcohol levels, but reactions in mazes and time taken to flip over from their backs. They compared control rats (those who didn’t receive DHM) with rats injected with the supposed hangover helper.

Within minutes, the rats with DHM started showing fewer signs of intoxication and hangover and were finally able to flip back over…while the control rats were still hiding in corners, being anti-social, and acting defensive. Poor little guys. 

Generally found in East Asia, the Japanese raisin tree is a fruit tree. However, the stalk is where the magic happens – as the fruit grows, the stalk thickens and develops a sweet raisin taste. People in China, Japan and Korea have been consuming it for over 1,000 years as an herbal medicine to alleviate hangovers. (It’s a key ingredient in Zaca Recovery Chewables!)

Another study done in 2017 reinforces the findings done in the 2012 study. This time, researchers studied the specific effects of Japanese raisin tree extract as a whole on hangovers. They found that ingestion can, in fact, help the body metabolize alcohol more efficiently and protect liver function.

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): We don’t encourage heavy drinking or using Japanese raisin tree extracts as an excuse to drink more...but it’s a great option for those nights when that responsible little voice in your head decides to take a vacation!

Want more details? Check out our other posts on the Japanese raisin tree!

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Why The Orient Has Been Using Japanese Raisin Tree With Alcohol for A Millennium


November 08, 2017


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Everything You've Been Told About The Cause of Hangovers Is Wrong

Have you ever had the advice of "take some electrolytes" ?  Well it turns out based on science, it's not that simple!

Wired magazine debunks some common "hangover cures" based on research done by Alcohol Hangover Research Group (AHRG), complied of the world’s hangover researchers.

Here's a few things they found:

  1. Electrolyte levels of hydrated people with hangovers didn't differ much from baseline controls.

  2. Acetaldehyde (toxins) levels are low when hangovers symptoms are the worst.

  3. Glucose and fructose (sugar) doesn't help in the morning, in fact, one study shows high sugar levels can worsen the hangover.

  4. Bourbon drinkers reported significantly worse hangovers than vodka drinkers.

  5. A Korean team noticed that elevated levels of cytokines are associated with hangovers, essentially an inflammatory response from the body.

  6. GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), a neural mechanism in the brain, is thought to be associated with both drunkenness and hangovers because of its sensitiveness to ethanol.

  7. Hovenia and Prickly Pear are reported to reliably help the symptoms of a hangover.

Read the full Wire Magazine story here, Everything Science Knows About Hangovers—And How to Cure Them.


November 07, 2017


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Top 6 Tips To Using Zaca Chewables

recovery chewables hangover

A couple tips to maximizing Zaca recovery chewables next time you use them! 

  1. Place them on your pillow before your night out.
    That way you won't forget to take them before bed!  Some even prefer taking all 4 tablets at that time.

  2. Drink 12 oz. of water after eating them.
    Not required, but it will maximize results by enhancing ingredients and hydration.

  3. Mix Zaca in your smoothie for the ultimate recovery the next morning!
    Try our coconut berry-banana smoothie recipe.

  4. Take at least 4-6 tablets for extreme situations!
    For high altitude exposure, extreme exercise (marathons) and long nights out it's best to take at least 4 tablets.  You could safely take 6 packs in a day (if you wanted!).

  5. Keep out of high heat.
    The packaging advises storage at 59-86°F so the chewables don't get hard.

  6. Store a couple packs in things such as your purse or wallet.
    You'll thank yourself to have Zaca in last minute situations when you need it the most!



Zaca chewables attain GMO-free certification!

Goodbye GMO's

It took approximately 3 years to develop the recovery chewable. No artificial flavors, high quality ingredients and sourced gmo-free were among the many things on our checklist.  So we're thrilled to announce that we recently received 3rd party GMO-free certification through the IGEN program.

Certification linked here.

What are GMOs?

The acronym GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs are produced by transferring a specific gene from one organism to another, often from non-related species (e.g. from bacteria to a plant). This modifies the DNA in a way that would not likely occur in nature.  This process is called genetic engineering.

The most common GMOs are soy, cotton, canola, corn, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa, and squash (zucchini  and yellow). Many of these items appear as added ingredients in a large amount of the foods we eat. For instance, your family may not eat tofu or drink soy milk, but soy is most likely present in a large percentage of the foods in your pantry.

IGEN vs NON GMO Project Verified

IGEN stands for International GMO evaluation and notification.  It's very similar to Non Gmo Project Verified in which they both are 3rd party certifications for gmo-free products. The difference is IGEN physically tests the product for GMO proteins versus just verifying paperwork from suppliers that's it's free of GMO proteins.

Our Thoughts

We are opposed to genetic modification due to the fact of there being real and unknown harmful effects.  And we are not alone.  Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe.  More than 60 countries around the world have significant restrictions or outright bans on the sale or production of GMOs, including Australia, Japan, and all the countries in the European Union.


Five Simple To-Dos To Feel Well After The July 4 Celebrations

Leading health supplement brand shares healthy ways to recover well from the Independence Day weekend festivities

Denver – Zaca®, maker of popular active lifestyle, nutritional supplements, today shared five tips for feeling well after the Independence Day dust has settled.

Following a holiday weekend, people often report feeling sluggish or lacking motivation. This can be caused by stress on bodies during the holiday celebration such as disrupted normal sleep cycles and daily routines, increased consumption of alcohol, extended periods spent outside at parades, festivals and backyard barbecues, increased exercise through hiking, swimming or biking or more travel than usual. 

“Our bodies definitely take a hit through the fun,” said Mark Aleks, co-founder of Zaca. “To stay feeling well after the celebrations, there are a few important and easy things you can do to ensure your body feels well.”

Five simple to-dos, post holiday:   

  • Drink more water.

The advice in the medical community is to consume eight full eight-ounce glass of water daily. However, with the break of normal daily routines during holiday weekends, this may not be possible. Dehydration can be a serious health concern. Drink the recommended amount of water or more, if needed.

  • Add a few extra hours to normal sleep schedules.

A few extra hours may provide people with recovery time they need but don’t realize they need.

  • Take a nutritional supplement to restore energy.

Popular, chewable Zaca supplements are made of all-natural ingredients including Japanese raisin, a natural detoxifying agent. Like Zaca, nutritional supplements restore hydration, boost antioxidants, increase endurance, aid the liver and improve mental focus. 

  • Limit social-media time.

It may be tempting to spend more time on social media than usual perusing the holiday photos and videos posted by friends and family. But social media and other time suckers may hinder ability to accomplish what needs to be done. The more people accomplish items on to-do lists, the more motivated and better they will feel.

  • Pick an exercise routine alternative.

If the usual exercise routine feels daunting or nearly impossible, opt for an alternative form of exercise. The temporary change may be needed to restore motivation. For example, those who generally participate in a gym fitness class could take a trail walk or drop into an open yoga class.


Wellness brand Zaca® empowers people to achieve more everyday happiness by improving endurance, restoring energy and promoting an active lifestyle. Every day, say the company’s founders, people experience dips in motivation and happiness levels when they feel travel-induced weariness, exercise fatigue, daily routine disruptions or other stresses. Packed with all-natural ingredients, good-tasting Zaca chewable nutritional supplements, help people recover from these stresses on the body so that they can continue leading healthy, happy, active lifestyles. Zaca products are available for order on The Denver-based company makes its products available for order on and invites people to be nice to their bodies and connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be nice to your body.™

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