Zaca chewables attain GMO-free certification!

Zaca chewables attain GMO-free certification!

Goodbye GMO's

It took approximately 3 years to develop the recovery chewable. No artificial flavors, high quality ingredients and sourced gmo-free were among the many things on our checklist.  So we're thrilled to announce that we recently received 3rd party GMO-free certification through the IGEN program.

Certification linked here.

What are GMOs?

The acronym GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs are produced by transferring a specific gene from one organism to another, often from non-related species (e.g. from bacteria to a plant). This modifies the DNA in a way that would not likely occur in nature.  This process is called genetic engineering.

The most common GMOs are soy, cotton, canola, corn, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa, and squash (zucchini  and yellow). Many of these items appear as added ingredients in a large amount of the foods we eat. For instance, your family may not eat tofu or drink soy milk, but soy is most likely present in a large percentage of the foods in your pantry.

IGEN vs NON GMO Project Verified

IGEN stands for International GMO evaluation and notification.  It's very similar to Non Gmo Project Verified in which they both are 3rd party certifications for gmo-free products. The difference is IGEN physically tests the product for GMO proteins versus just verifying paperwork from suppliers that's it's free of GMO proteins.

Our Thoughts

We are opposed to genetic modification due to the fact of there being real and unknown harmful effects.  And we are not alone.  Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe.  More than 60 countries around the world have significant restrictions or outright bans on the sale or production of GMOs, including Australia, Japan, and all the countries in the European Union.