Tell a Friend, Get Free Zaca


We really love when people spread the word about us (of course any company should!).  As the least we can do as an act of appreciation, for every friend you refer that orders* product online we'll send you a free six-pack box of Zaca patches. To be honest, that's been the biggest contributing factor to the growth of our company...our fans and everyone sharing the love.  We don't believe much in having advertisements, billboards and spending big budgets (like the big corporate guys) to to convince people in trying our product.  Instead, we believe that consumers are very intelligent and if we can create awesome products that they will gravitate towards them and share if they believe the same. The we HAVE to create awesome products. What is awesome to us?  

We think it's high quality, innovative, different, positive impact, fun, results driven, safe, healthy and what most companies forget...listening to our customers to cater to them.  We spend an incredible amount of time on each of those and more. If you ever have feedback for us please don't hesitate to let us know.  And if you have told any friends that ordered, drop us an email so we can send you your free product!  

 *orders must be on