How Much Does a Hangover Really Cost You When Traveling?


Not only can a hangover effect a day of planned fun, what most people forget is how it can effect your pocket book. Whether taking a trip to Denver for a skiing winter vacation, going to Miami to soak up some sun or having a business convention in Las Vegas, on both business and pleasure trips you typically want to let loose a bit.  

And that may mean a few nights out longer than expected.  

But how much are those nights out costing us?

We decided to do some investigation and research to find out what a hangover really costs us when we're traveling.  In terms of a day's worth of pleasure or business, we want to measure how much money we wasted by missing out on a day worth of things we were supposed to do because of suffering a hangover.

Of course the severity of your hangover is a big factor, however, a typically one can drastically effect a full days productivity, and so that's an assumption we made. The main cost we factored in the infographic was the average cost of a hotel broken down daily, added with the average cost of a domestic flight in the US (which is $378.62).  

The more nights you stay lowers your cost as the flight expense is spread out between more nights.  

You'll also find some overlooked expenses that may occur on your trip as well. We picked some the of the top destinations for Americans in this infographic and a few international.  

Keep in mind, your travel costs could vary plus or minus based on where you live and fly from as these are just averages, and the columns show what the cost is to lose out on just ONE day.

The costs that the research shows is very revealing of the true cost of a hangover.

cost of a hangover when traveling