Why We Canceled Our Black Friday Sale

Why We Canceled Our Black Friday Sale

We've always done a Black Friday sale.  But not this year.

Here's why...

From inception in 2008, the essence of our company has been about the enjoyment of life. And we believe our products help you to enjoy it better. 

This year, instead of spending Black Friday fighting at the aisles (or stuck on the computer), we'd rather spend our time to #enjoyit. We invite you to do the same.  

We don't want customers to be held hostage to a day or two of sales. Rather, here's a deal for you now and good for the whole week so you can spend this holiday weekend doing what you like (see below).  Enjoy your friends, enjoy your family, and certainly enjoy some cocktails!

Happy Thanksgiving---and weekend---from all of us at Zaca.  

Mark & James, co-founders

P.S. Let us know how you're enjoying this weekend, hashtag #enjoyit on Twitter and Instagram.

Coupon Code: ENJOYIT