5 Unique Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas

5 Unique Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas

If you're hosting a wedding, you know people are going to be drinking. To go along with the celebration, we've picked out five unique alcohol wedding favor ideas for your big day!

5 Unique Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas

Alcohol wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming. It's a thoughtful way to show that you appreciate their attendance at your big day, and it contributes to your celebration.

One of the most popular wedding trends is adding alcohol wedding favors to the mix. This can be a great way to give your guests something they'll enjoy, enhance their experience, or nice memento of your special day.

We've previously covered hangover kit wedding favors, destination weddings favors, and Amazon wedding party favors --- but here we'll cover specifically alcohol related wedding favor ideas.

Here's 5 Unique Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas:

1. Recovery Chewables Wedding Favor

Recovery Chewables Wedding Favor
If you want to enhance your guests experience with all the wedding festivities, these chewables will help guests with alcohol and traveling.

Zaca chewables are formulated for hydration and liver aid. Made with natural nutrients, they help the body rehydrate, replenish and recover.

Packaged in individual packets, you can easily give them to each attending guest. Whether to feel better faster after the big day or help them get through jet-lagged traveling, these chewables are the perfect alcohol wedding favor idea.

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2. Shot Glasses Alcohol Wedding Favor

Shot Glasses Alcohol Wedding Favor
If you're planning on having some drinks or a toast during your reception, then this might be the perfect favor for you! Your guests will love receiving these types of favors because they're easy to take home with them and they'll definitely get used.

You can personalize these "Take A Shot We Tied The Knot" shot glasses any way you like with custom engravings and designs. If you want them to match your wedding theme and colors, you can also add your names and wedding date.

Serving as a memento for guests too, this makes it one of the best alcohol wedding favor ideas.

3. Wood Coasters Alcohol Wedding Favor

Wood Coasters Alcohol Wedding Favor
Wood coasters are another fun option for alcohol wedding favors because they offer something practical that people can use every day after enjoying their drinks at your reception!

They come in different shapes and sizes so there's something to fit any style or theme. Plus, they're easy to customize with any design including your names and wedding date.

Made from environmentally friendly wood, these make great favors because they're useful as well as decorative.

4. Alcohol Wedding Favor Koozies

Alcohol Wedding Favor Koozies
If you want something fun and festive for your guests to take home from your wedding day, how about giving them customized koozies?  A koozie is a sleeve that keeps your guest's drinks cold and prevents them from sweating.

Printed with "Trust me you can dance", you'll be sure to get a laugh out of everyone!  They come in many different colors and designs, so you can find one that matches your wedding them and printed with your names and wedding date.

5. Mini Shot Bottle Tags

Mini Shot Bottle Tags Alcohol Wedding Favors
While these tags do not come with any alcohol bottle, these tags are perfect for any kind of wedding party celebration because they're so versatile. You can attach them to mini shot bottles or shooters, beer bottles or even champagne glasses!

They come in so many colors and styles to match your wedding theme. Adding your names and wedding date to make any kind choice of alcohol favor or gift look personalized.

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Our Top Choice For Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas

Alcohol Wedding Favor Ideas
Our Zaca recovery chewables are perfect match for guests to help them feel better during the wedding festivities. A fast way to rehydrate, replenish and recover with natural ingredients. Try Zaca recovery chewables today and maximize your guest's wedding experience.