Boost Oxygen Reviews (vs Zaca)

Boost Oxygen Reviews

Featured on Shark Tank, Boost Oxygen has gained popularity as a convenient source of supplemental oxygen. As a supplement manufacturer, we'll reveal Boost Oxygen reviews from the most sources and everything else you need to know about Boost Oxygen.

Introduction to Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is a portable and lightweight canister containing 95% pure oxygen. It is designed to provide quick and easy access to supplemental oxygen for a variety of purposes, including sports recovery, performance, altitude acclimation, mental clarity, hangovers, stress, and general wellness.

Popularized on Shark Tank by Kevin O'Leary, Boost Oxygen has become the household name for non-medical, portable oxygen in a can.

Boost Oxygen Reviews

Users have shared many experiences with Boost Oxygen, citing traveling needs, altitude sickness, more energy, and less fatigue.

With many sources, we breakdown the most reputable 3rd party reviews on Boost Oxygen.

Boost Oxygen Reviews:

  • Boost Oxygen (3L) Amazon Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐4.0 star (1,381 ratings)
  • Boost Oxygen (5L) Amazon Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2 star (10,917 ratings)
  • Boost Oxygen (10L) Amazon Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3 star (10,485 ratings)
  • Boost Oxygen CVS Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 star (11 ratings)
  • Boost Oxygen Walmart Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.9 star (218 ratings)
  • Boost Oxygen Lowes Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐ 3.3 star (16 ratings)

Overall, Boost has a review range of 3.3 to 4.3, consisting of 3rd party retailers including Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and Lowes.

Does Boost Oxygen Actually Work?

Yes, depending on the usage, Boost Oxygen does work.

It's essentially boosting the oxygen in your body, which can help with things such as athletic performance, energy, and fatigue.

There's some questionable usages with regards to the efficacy of Boost Oxygen such as hangovers and altitude sickness. The Next Summit research shows that Boost Oxygen is too low of a concentration and too little amounts of oxygen to help altitude sickness.⁹ They estimated you'd need a 5-liter can of Boost Oxygen every five minutes for high altitude,⁹ which is a crazy amount of cans that is cost prohibitive, and too many cans to be able to carry and travel with.

Is Boost Oxygen Really Oxygen?

Yes, Boost Oxygen is 95% oxygen. 

As a recreational supplemental oxygen source, 95% oxygen can be sufficient. For medical-grade oxygen that's used in many studies, 99% oxygen is used.⁹

Do Doctors Recommend Boost Oxygen?

While there's some promising studies on supplement oxygen, we had a hard time finding doctors recommending Boost Oxygen.

Some benefits are noted, especially when it comes to athletic performance, but some doctors are questioning the ability of canned oxygen (versus continuous oxygen in a tank) to not be impactful enough.

  • Dr. Anthony Hericks, MD
    "Maybe you are able to make ATP a little bit quicker which means you will have a little bit more of that immediate energy available. But for the general human being that’s just jogging down the street, it’s not going to give you really that much bang for the buck."[¹⁰]
  • Dr. Lindsay Forbes, MD
    "So just one or two breaths from a can I would not anticipate would oxygenate enough of the blood that’s going through the lungs to actually create a meaningful impact. There’s not good evidence that adding more oxygen onto normal levels of oxygen helps the body physiologically.”[¹¹]
  • Dr. Ben Honigman, MD
    “I believe, personally, that it’s a placebo effect, and it has nothing to do with physiology."[¹¹]

In summary, it appears some doctors don't recommend canned oxygen. Don't fret though, there are some studies to show beneficial results from canned oxygen, one particularly on Boost Oxygen for a positive impact on VO2.

Boost Oxygen vs Zaca 

We reviewed Boost Oxygen to compare it with our Zaca chewables.

For recovery, we conclude that both these supplemental products are more complimentary than replacements for each other. Therefore, using Boost Oxygen and Zaca in conjunction together will provide more powerful results.

  • Zaca is a convenient chewable supplement designed to aid in recovery after physical activities, travel, or the aftermath of a night out. They are crafted with natural herbs, antioxidants, and amino acids to support the body's recovery processes.

  • Boost Oxygen is a portable can of 95% oxygen to aid in recovery, but does not provide any essential nutrition for the body. We believe the ultimate blend is to use Boost Oxygen with Zaca, so you can enhance your oxygen while boosting the nutrients needed to support your body.

Overall, you can use Boost Oxygen and Zaca together, especially for mountain trips where you need altitude support. One downside of Boost Oxygen is that it's not travel friendly for TSA and airplane flights. Unless they will be selling it at your destination, as a portable packet Zaca is a perfect travel companion you can take anywhere.

Boost Oxygen vs Zaca Comparison Chart:

  Zaca Boost Oxygen
Amazon Review Star Rating 4.5 4.0 - 4.3
Altitude Support ✔️ ✔️
Performance Enhancement ✔️ ✔️
Recovery Support ✔️ ✔️
No Water Required ✔️ ✔️
East To Use ✔️ ✔️
Multi-Purpose Product ✔️ ✔️
Fast-Acting ✔️ ✔️
Sugar Free
Gluten Free ✔️ ✔️
Herbal Ingredients
Antioxidant Support
Hydration Support ✔️  
Amino Acid Fortified ✔️  
TSA Friendly ✔️  
Small Size To Pack


Complimentary Chewable Supplement For Boost Oxygen

Supplement Review
Revive your body fast with Zaca's chewables. Crafted for optimal recovery and hydration, Zaca is your partner in conquering every day activities, travel, and mountain altitude with vitality. Zaca's innovative formula in each chewable includes antioxidants, herbs, and amino acids to help you bounce back faster. Experience the ease and portability of Zaca's chewable packets — slip them into your pocket or bag to use anytime, anywhere. Simply take 2-4 chewables each day or as you need. Try Zaca's chewable supplement today to fuel your body for traveling and mountain adventures.


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