Chewable Electrolytes That Aren't Loaded With Sugar

Chewable Electrolytes

Zaca's chewable hydration tablets combines the full spectrum of vital amino acids and antioxidants with a natural sweetener to deliver maximum hydration and support your body during periods of physical stress.

Chewable Electrolytes

Your body loses a lot of its electrolytes (sodium and potassium) whenever you sweat. Muscles need electrolytes to function properly. If your body does not have enough electrolytes it can cause serious health problems.

The benefits of chewable electrolytes include better blood flow, reduced cramping, and enhanced muscle contraction. They help regulate the amount of fluid in your body and keep your muscles and nerves working properly. They also prevent muscle fatigue, which is why athletes are encouraged to consume them before, during and after exercise.

Versus supplementing with powders, pills and drinks -- chewable electrolytes provides the fastest and easy way to replenish these nutrients. 

Why Sugar Is Bad

Currently, there are dozens of electrolyte powders and supplements on the market, but nearly all of them have unnecessary amounts of sugar added to them. Sugar is fine in moderate amounts if that is what appeals to you. However, most people don't realize they are consuming an often alarming amount of sugar when they ingest small amounts of electrolyte powder or capsules.

Unfortunately, most electrolyte products on the market (including Gatorade and Liquid IV) contain a high amount of sugar, which can negatively affect your health.

For example:

  • Sugar increases inflammation in the body which can increase muscle soreness and slow recovery after workouts.

  • Sugar increases blood pressure by increasing insulin levels which constricts blood vessels.

  • Sugar interferes with hormone signaling which can cause fatigue as well as increase your risk for heart disease.

  • Sugar has been linked to weight gain and obesity due to its addictive nature, caloric density and addictive effects on brain chemistry.
  • Sugar can cause acne due to increased androgen secretion.

  • Sugar may increase your risk of depression from blood sugar swings causing neurotransmitter dysregulation.


Zaca Hydration Sugar-Free Chewables 

hydration chewables
Our hydration sugar-free chewables are an effective source to enhance electrolytes that will keep you hydrated and healthy during your next adventure — without all the added sugar found in sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade or Liquid IV and Pediatlye.

Being formulated without sugar, Zaca chewable electrolyte tablets are sweetened with natural alternatives, xylitol and stevia.

They offer similar benefits as sugar-loaded electrolyte products, but without all the sugar or unnecessary calories. Each chewable contains 1100mg of active ingredients, a healthy dose of glutamine and stress-busting antioxidants (including japanese raisin and glutathione) to help you stay energized, hydrated and give you added endurance before, during and after intense exercise.

No matter the workout, whether running, climbing or even if you need cycling hydration tablets, Zaca is a great solution. The combination in our proprietary formula of antioxidants, amino acids and herbs help you be at the top of your game!

What Zaca Chewables Help With

  • Replenish, rehydrate, and recover faster
  • Glutamine to enhance electrolytes and water absorption
  • Glutathione to increase antioxidants and support immune function
  • Japanese raisin that's been studied to have anti-fatigue effects¹
  • Prickly pear for a boost of natural vitamins
  • Easy to take on-the-go chewables

And they taste like candy! At least that's what our customers tell us, and many that are parents share that their kids love them too.

How Zaca Chewables Are A Healthier Option

  • Packed with 1100mg of active ingredients
  • Sugar free, xylitol and stevia alternatives
  • 100% natural berry flavor
  • No artifical dyes, sweeteners or flavors
  • Gmo free, soy free and gluten free
  • Diet friendly to vegans, keto, paleo
  • Over 1000 highly rated reviews 

The Bottom Line

Many products are loaded with high amounts of sugar. As chewable electrolytes, Zaca is a great alternative formulated without sugar and packed with so many benefits to help any athletic competitor, runner/cyclist or gym goer. Try our healthy hydration chewables today!








1. Anti-fatigue activity of Hovenia dulcis on a swimming mouse model through the inhibition of stress hormone expression and antioxidation