ChlorOxygen vs Zaca (Complete Review)


You've come to the right spot if looking for high-altitude and performance enhancement supplements. As a company with over years experience in the high altitudes of Colorado, we'll review ChlorOxygen with everything you need to know and compare ti to Zaca.


ChlorOxygen herbal medicine is a dietary supplement that is concentrated with chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants, to boost energy levels, oxygen in the body, and detoxification. 

By using Sodium Copper Chlorophyllins from European Fescue leaf blade, it activates and feeds red blood cells. As one of the building blocks to red blood cells, it helps you maintain healthy levels.

Made by  Herbs Etc., ChlorOxygen is most commonly used for altitude acclimation and exercise enhancement.

What Is ChlorOxygen For?

As an oxygen supplement, ChlorOxygen is used for everything from exercise to mountain trips do to the benefits of oxygen capture and maintaining health red blood cells.

What Is ChlorOxygen For:

  • Capture more oxygen
  • High-altitude acclimation
  • Boost energy naturally
  • Aid detoxification
  • Exercise enhancement
  • Lower fatigue
  • Build better red blood

By capturing more oxygen, ChlorOxygen can be used for climbing, hiking, traveling, running, biking, and exercising.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Chlorophyll?

From analyzing ChlorOxygen reviews and websites, we find four major benefits of chlorophyll in ChlorOxygen.

1. Activates Red Blood Cells - ChlorOxygen turns red blood cells into magnets for oxygen, therefore boosting oxygen satisfaction.
2. Building Blocks - ChlorOxygen provides your body with the building blocks for healthy red blood cells.
3. Boost Energy Levels - By capturing more oxygen that your body thrives on, ChlorOxygen is boosting your natural energy levels.
4. Detoxification - Chlorophyll in ChlorOxygen is known for its detoxifying properties.

The combination of these benefits makes chlorophyll a significant enhancer of red blood cells to carry more oxygen, thereby energizing the body.

Does Chlorophyll Detox Your Body?

Yes, chlorophyll can help detox your body.

Chlorophyll studies have shown detoxifying properties through its natural ability to bind to heavy metals.⁴

ChlorOxygen Ingredients

The active ingredient solely used in ChlorOxygen is Sodium Copper Chlorophyllins from European Fescue leaf blade.


  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyllins from European Fescue leaf blade
  • Sodium - 4 mg
  • Copper - 2 mg
  • Chlorophyll - 50 mg

Other Ingredients:

  • Purified water, vegetable glycerine, non-GMO maltodextrin.

ChlorOxygen uses a very simple formula with one main ingredient to achieve results.

How Do You Use ChlorOxygen?

To use ChlorOxygen correctly, it depends on whether you're using the softgels (pills) or the liquid.

Directions for ChlorOxygen Softgels:
Take one softgel twice a day with water.

Directions for ChlorOxygen Liquid:
Take 18 to 36 liquid drops twice a day in water. Shake well before using.

Copper Warning

While copper is an essential nutrient in the body, too much of it can be harmful. Too much copper on a regular basis can lead to abdominal pain, cramps, liver damage, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.⁵

ChlorOxygen does not contain excessively high amounts of copper at 2 mg. However, be aware that you would not want to exceed dosages in risk of taking too much, which 10 mg is the recommended upper limit.

ChlorOxygen Side Effects

Based on ChlorOxygen reviews we found, there are a few potential side effects reported by customers.

  • Looseness of stool (reported by Amazon customer)
  • Turning poop green (reported by Amazon customer)
  • Stains teeth (reported by Amazon customer)

Keep in mind that these are side effects reported by customers. This does not mean everyone will get the same result, as with any natural product the results can vary.

ChlorOxygen vs Zaca

We reviewed ChlorOxygen against Zaca to give you a comparison.

Whether for high altitudes or exercise — we conclude Zaca to be the strong, easier-to-use, and more multi-purpose supplement.

Using a 4-ingredient blend, Zaca's chewables features a more dynamic and powerful formula. As a chewable tablet, it's much easier to use by simply eating anytime you need it without needing water. And along with the strength and blend of ingredients, it has a wider range of benefits leading to a multi-purpose supplement from hiking and mountain adventuring to traveling and even having drinks.

ChlorOxygen vs Zaca Comparison Chart:

Amazon Review Star Rating 4.5 4.5
Active Ingredients 1,100mg 56mg
Altitude Support
Performance Enhancing
Herbal Ingredients
Sugar Free
GMO Free 
Gluten Free
High Bioavailability
Strong Formula
Amino Acid Fortified
High In Antioxidants
Multi-Purpose Formula
Easy To Use
Glutamine Enhanced
Glutathione Enhanced
No Water Required

In conclusion of reviewing these supplements against each other, Zaca is the stronger, easier-to-use, and better multi-purpose alternative. With a chewable, and a robust formula of 1,100mg ingredients, you can get quicker results with Zaca.

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