9 Corporate Holiday Party Favors That Employees Will Love

Corporate Holiday Party Favors

While having a good time at the office holiday party, employees will remember and cherish your thoughtful choice of corporate holiday party favors. From a company in the party favors industry for over 10 years, we outline the top nine corporate holiday party favors that your employees will love.

9 Best Corporate Holiday Party Favors

As you wrap up your year, it's time to think about corporate holiday party favors and gifts for your employees and even clients.

Holiday parties are an important part of any business culture. They're a great way to show appreciation for your hard-working employees and clients, and they can also be a lot of fun.

Holiday party favors are a great way to show your appreciation for your employees and show them how much you care about them. And if you choose the right corporate holiday party favors, they will love them while contributing to your employee appreciation and work culture.

Here Are The 9 Top Corporate Holiday Party Favors:

1. Zaca Chewables

Corporate Holiday Party Favors Zaca
Zaca Chewables
are the ultimate corporate holiday party favor that can give your employees a little boost for the party.

These chewable are a delicious, all-natural way to rehydrate, replenish and recover faster. Blended with liver support ingredients too, these are also perfect if you're hosting your party with alcoholic drinks.

Enhance your attendees experience by giving Zaca out as corporate holiday party favors, in holiday gift bags, or simply making them available at the holiday party.

Not only are they a hit at holiday parties, many companies report back that employees were begging for more!

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2. Holiday Candles Party Favor

Holiday Candles Party Favor
Holiday candles are a great way to send holiday cheer to your employees, perfect for any corporate holiday party!

Hand poured out of Rancho Santa Margarita CA, only eco-friendly, soy wax, and the finest fragrance oils are used to create the best candle experience.

These candles come in many different scents, and they can be personalized with the company name and colors. This will make them more memorable to employees and a gift that they can take home.

3. Holiday Wine Bag

Holiday Wine Gift Bags
A holiday wine bag, this is a great gift for any corporate holiday party!
Fill it with any bottle of wine, champagne or liquor of your choice.

Employees will leave the party with no complaints, and with a gift to drink anytime they want.

The wine bag can be customized with colors and a holiday message.

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4. Honey Jar Party Favors

Honey Jar Party Favors
While honey may not be the first thing that comes to mind, these Bee Merry honey jar party favors are a big hit.

Just the aesthetics alone are eye catching and fit the holiday theme. Personalize these will colors and your company name on each jar.

Employees will appreciate how honey can be used for everything from cocktails (sugar alternative) and baking to medicinal uses such as coughing home remedy, immune support, and energy.

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5. Festive Hot Chocolate Corporate Party Favor 

Festive Hot Chocolate Corporate Party Favors
Hot chocolate is an easy choice for any holiday party favor because it's warm, comforting and delicious!

You can serve it as a nice treat for guests as they arrive at your party, set up an entire hot chocolate bar, or simply use these as holiday gifts for employees to take home. And if your employees have kids, they'll be delighted to bring them home to them too!

These cute hot chocolate kits include a variety of chocolate cocoa types, crushed peppermints, mini marshmallows, and colored sprinkles. Personalize the label for your company with a short sentiment to be printed on the outside for each hot chocolate party favor.

6. Holiday Party Soap Favors

Holiday Party Soap Gift
If you're planning on holding your event at a hotel or conference center, consider purchasing some holiday-themed soap to give out as party favors.
These are handmade with goat milk soap base and essential oils, tied with cinnamon sticks, and are affordable in sets of 10. You can select from numerous soaps scents, and can be personalized with your company name and message. 

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7. Holiday Ornament Party Favor

Holiday Ornament Party Favor
Ever thought of a customized company ornament? This holiday ornament party favor is a unique way to decorate your holiday party or as a take-home gift for employees to celebrate the holidays.

The baltic birch wood has a classy look that includes snowflakes and can be engraved with any company message, date or celebration. It comes with an attached ribbon for hanging.

7. Holiday Koozie Party Favor

Holiday Koozie Party Favor
A koozie is a great way to keep your beverage cold, but it also serves another purpose: it's a a fun gift for employees. That's why so many people love this holiday party favor!

These come in a variety of colors and designs, with the message and customization of choice for your company for your holiday party or Christmas party.

8. Holiday Party Cups Corporate Favors

Holiday Party Cups Corporate Favors
Another party favor favorite, holiday cups are something useful and be also be used to fill up with goodies!

These come in a wide selection of colors and designs that will fit in perfectly with any corporate holiday party theme. Customized with holiday sayings, messages or any design of your company preference so employees will take these home and remember the company party long after.

9. Holiday Mint And Candy Tins

Personalize Holiday Mint Or Candy Tins
Mints or candy are great way to gift something with your company brand on it while giving out treats that your employees will appreciate.

The holiday tins can be customized with your company name or message to match the corporate holiday party. Mints and candies come in many different flavors including peppermints, skittles, jelly beans and more.

If you're looking for more traditional corporate party favors without a holiday or Christmas theme, check out our other Corporate Party Favors list.

Our Top Pick For Corporate Holiday Party Favors

Best Corporate Holiday Party Favors
Zaca is the best option if you're looking for something unique, affordable and functional. The tasty chewables will help every corporate holiday party attendee feel refreshed and recover faster. Overall enhancing the employees experience, Zaca has become popular for corporate holiday parties, company events and happy hours, conferences, and corporate retreats. Buy Zaca chewables today for your corporate holiday company party. (for bulk requests, email