Denver's St. Patrick's Day

Denver has one of the largest parades west of the Mississippi river offering entertainment for all ages.  It's been long running, now past it's 50th year anniversary.  Starting on 27th and Blake, it runs past Coors Field baseball stadium, onto 17th Street, then back down Wynkoop.

We continue our Zaca tradition to give free Zaca Recovery Patches out during the St. Patrick's Day weekend.  And we always have fun doing it.

Some of the hot spots in Denver to hang out on St. Patrick's Day as well as some of the spots Zaca makes sure to stop by during the weekend:

            • Baker Street Pub and Grill
            • Breckenridge Brewery
            • Celtic Tavern
            • Cherry Cricket
            • Fados' Irish Pub
            • Jackon's Sport Rock
            • Lodo's Bar and Grill
            • The Tavern Uptown
            • Maloney's

2013 St. Patrick's Day highlights: The newly opened ViewHouse was a hit St. Patrick's Day weekend.  It rivals The Tavern Uptown and Lodo's Bar & Grill with 2 levels indoor, a large rooftop, along with a groundfloor patio with a grassy outdoor area for games.

 Opened on March 15th, just in time for St. Patrick's Day weekend in Denver. Fados' Irish Pub is always the place to stop in Denver for St. Patrick's Day. It extends it's bar with a canvas tent outside with outdoor seating as well with beer booths, food trucks and live music.  You do pay a cover to get in, but it's well worth it for the entertainment and fun.

See you in 2014 for the next St. Patrick's Day!