The Truth About Gatorade For Hangover

Gatorade For Hangover

Does Gatorade help a hangover? And more importantly, is it the best way to get rid of a hangover? We answer all those questions and reveal the truth about Gatorade for hangover.

The Truth About Gatorade For Hangover

While Gatorade for hangover can help with hydration, dehydration is just one small piece of the cause of hangovers.

WIRED Magazine talked with the Alcohol Hangover Research Group which discovered some notable things about hangovers.

They stated that:¹ "in dehydrated people with hangovers, levels of electrolytes don’t differ too much from baseline controls—and when they do, they don’t correlate with hangover severity. Over the past five years, researchers have revealed that pretty much everything anyone has ever told you about the causes of hangover is wrong."

In summary, while Gatorade will replenish electrolytes, there's little evidence and research to show it will thoroughly help a hangover. There are some benefits to electrolyte intake, but Gatorade for hangover will have minimal results.

Does Gatorade Help A Hangover?

You may ask then is gatorade good for a hangover? Based on the research presented by WIRED Magazine from the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, it contradicts that electrolytes can help a hangover. They show no statistically significant difference in a hangover when people take electrolytes.¹

We conclude that while Gatorade for hangover still may have some benefit, it's little at most and certainly won't solve many of the hangover symptoms and negative effects of alcohol.

What Causes Hangovers?

If hydration and electrolyte intake alone doesn't prevent a hangover, then what does?

Alcohol Hangover Research Group has favorable theory of what really causes a hangover:¹ "that they’re an inflammatory response, like what happens when we get an infection. A team in Korea noticed that hangovers are accompanied by elevated levels of molecules called cytokines, which are used as communication signals by the immune system."

This means that hangovers are highly similar to when you are sick. Which makes sense when symptoms of both hangovers and sickness include headache, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and fatigue.

How To Help A Hangover?

If cytokines are the cause of a hangover, hangovers can be remedied by simply helping the body's inflammatory response.

Jing Liang MD PhD, Research Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, sought out to discover the secrets of an herb used in Asia for over 500 years as a hangover fighting tea. Hovenia Dulcis, also called Japanese Raisin tree, she found to have high efficacy to help hangovers

Liang honed in on the plant's active ingredient, dihydromyricetin (DHM), which not only helped the day-after effects of drinking alcohol but also protects against liver damage.²

As one of the biggest discoveries on hangover prevention in modern history, taking a Hovenia Dulcis supplement is one of the most promising ways to help a hangover.

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