Hangover Symptoms: Did You Overdo It Last Night?

You wake up with a splitting headache and a dry mouth. It’s like someone was hitting you with a hammer and stuffing crackers down your throat all night long! These are the first of the hangover symptoms you’ll notice if you had a little too much fun last night.

Hangover Symptoms: Fatigue and Mood Disturbances

The typical 8 hours of sleep you usually get just won’t cut it when you’ve got a hangover. Whether you have 2, 8, or 10 hours of sleep, you are sentenced to feeling like a half-dead fly buzzing up against a hot windowsill all day. No amount of napping will make you feel better. As Hunter S. Thompson would say, you’re “weird and nervous and thirsty.” Likely, this will all have you feeling a bit irritable. Lights, sound and any scheduled plans will be incredibly irritating. You’ll go through bouts of self-loathing – from the “Why did I drink all that” to the “I can’t imagine ever drinking again.” These feelings will go away, but these hangover symptoms are very real, nonetheless.

Dizziness and Sickness: The Worst Hangover Symptoms

At some point during the day, you might notice you’re suddenly overwhelmed by dizziness. You feel a hot sweat, starting at your hairline and flushing your face. Then, your throat feels choked. Sometimes you’ll have stomach cramps, but not always. If you’re lucky, you’ll make the responsible decision to throw up all that junk food and alcohol you consumed. If you’re not so lucky, the vomiting will happen suddenly, with very little warning – and probably wreck something, be it a car, a set of sheets, or your clothing.

Severe Hangover Symptoms: When To See The Doctor

Sometimes hangover symptoms can be quite severe and warrant emergency room treatment. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should take yourself in for professional treatment if you…
  • Suffer from a dazed stupor
  • Cannot stop vomiting
  • Breathe less than 8 breaths per minute
  • Have a seizure
  • Notice that your skin has turned blue
  • Have a dangerously low body temperature
  • Keep passing out
More than likely, you will be too far gone to help yourself if any of these severe hangover symptoms happen to you. It’s always good to know what to look out for, so you can help a friend – or so a friend can help you. 5 Theories On What Causes A Hangover