Is GMO Taking Over the US Food Supply at 68%?

At a staggering 68% of our food, GMO has surpassed half of all the food options we have, and climbing.  Comparative to other countries, no one actually come close to the US.  According to Stanford University, here's the top four producers of GMO:
  • United States - 68%
  • Argentina - 23%
  • Canada - 7%
  • China - 1%

    Why is GMO so dangerous?

    "There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation." stated the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, warning the public to avoid GMO foods. Incidents and studies have connected GMO foods to many health problems  including immune dysfunction, accelerated aging, organ damage, insulin disorders and reproductive disruption.  The dangers are real and already accumulating in the US society.

    What to do?

    Although 68% is a dauntingly high number of foods containing GMO, there is a lot of hope to change it.  It's always the small things that make a big difference.

    Buying only non-GMO foods stopping the flow of money to GMO supporters and suppliers.  Writing and calling your local government to influence laws.  Joining movements like March Against Monsanto. Zaca has taken initiatives to make an impact and stay true to our customers.  Since the very beginning  we've stayed organic and natural, avoiding GMO, artificial and chemically treated ingredients in our products.  Our company strives to support local by buying local, and buying  from companies of integrity with real natural ingredients.   We also get involved with movements like March Against Monsanto as mentioned above, specifically we're attending the local event in Denver this weekend that has a worldwide following. Our footprint may be small alone, but together our footprints can cover the earth.