John Mackey Founder of Whole Foods, Conscious Capitalism, and Giving Back

john mackey wholefoods conscious capitalism giving back

John Mackey, founder of Wholefoods, describes it best in conscious capitalism (a book he wrote too).  Business must have a higher purpose.  Yes, making money is critical to staying in business, but ultimately we really believe like John Mackey in building something that gives back to the community and makes a positive impact on world.

A new non-profit we most recently starting supporting is Share Our Strength, as it's mission is quite a courageous one.  

Most people don't know that tons of children in America are starving, 16 million to be exact.  

Share Our Strength is on a mission to eliminate child hunger in America by 2015.  What an initiative!  They also set up nutrition programs for kids in conjunction with school so that kids are not just eating, but learning to eat healthy.  

Thanks to everyone that participated in our recent Recovery at the Park event, we were able to take donations everyone contributed and send them directly to the No Kid Hungry campaign. Let us know your thought on conscious capitalism and giving back.