Party Aid (LifeAid vs Zaca)

Party Aid

Whether you're looking for a party aid supplement or specifically the party aid drink, we'll cover everything you need to know when buying.

Party Aid By Zaca

Zaca's party aid is a chewable supplement to help you rehydrate, replenish and recover after a night out.

Conveniently packaged in packets, you can take these fast-acting chewables on-the-go anytime you need it most.

Formulated with a powerful 4-herb blend, the synergy of these naturally sourced, high quality ingredients are known to help liver aid, hydration and overall recovery.

Zaca was founded in 2008, and trusted by thousands of happy customers.

How Does A Party Aid Formula Work?

A party aid formula usually aims to support the liver and replenish nutrients lost after a night out.

Important ingredients to look for include antioxidants, liver supporting herbs, electrolytes and amino acids.

Products like LifeAid's party aid offer it in a drink, other products can be in a pill or powder, and products like Zaca offer it in a chewable form. Some of these party aid products will go by the name liver aid or liver aid supplement.

Zaca's Ingredients & Formula

The 4-herb blend in Zaca is loaded with potent ingredients that have proven results.

These four ingredients include Japanese Raisin, Glutathione, Prickly Pear and Glutamine. 

Discover how each ingredient supports your body:

  • Japanese Raisin (hovenia dulcis)
    This cherished herb from Asia has been hailed for centuries in its success with liver function. It naturally contains the DHM flavonoid that has been recently popularized from studies.
  • Glutathione
    Known as the body's master antioxidant, this strong amino acid supports detox and combating oxidative stress.
  • Prickly Pear
    Famously found in Mexico, this cactus is treasured as a superfood and source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Glutamine (l-alanyl-l-glutamine)
    Commonly used in athletic circles, the dipeptide form of Glutamine supports water absorption and electrolyte intake.

Zaca combines these safe and effective ingredients, making a superior product for party aid.

Party Aid Drink

What is the party aid drink? To summarize, PartyAid is a supplement for the people to replenish essential mind and body nutrients to revive after a party.

The supplement is made by LifeAid, and the product goes by the names party aid drink, party aide, partyaid, and party aid packets.

Zaca Supplement vs PartyAid Supplement

If you came across this post looking for the Party Aid Drink (Party Aide), we'll show you how Zaca compares.

While both Zaca and PartyAid (made by LifeAid) are formulated for party aid, including herbs, amino acids, and liver support --- there are some significant differences.

  • While party aid ingredients do include herbs and amino acids like Zaca for liver support and party aid support, it does not contain the cherished Japanese Raisin that naturally contains DHM which Zaca is formulated with.
  • Zaca uses pure ingredients, including GMO free and sugar free, unlike PartyAid that uses 7 grams of sugar per each party aid drink.
  • Zaca is travel friendly with on-the-go packets where you can conveniently travel with by airplane through TSA, and easily fit into your luggage, pocket or purse. Party Aid drinks are too bulky to do the same.

Read below the full comparison chart between Zaca and PartyAid.

Comparison Chart Zaca vs PartyAid

  Zaca Supplement PartyAid Supplement
Liver Support
Party Aid Support
Amino Acids
Low Carb
Caffeine Free
GMO Free
Sugar Free
Multi-Purpose Formula
Fast-Acting Tablets
Quick To Take
Clinically Tested Ingredients
Travel Friendly (TSA)
Japanese Raisin (with DHM)
Low Calories
On-the-go Packets


1,100 MG Of Active Ingredients

Zaca's proprietary formula contains 1,100mg of active ingredients. PartyAid's proprietary blend only contains 190mg of active ingredients, 393mg in total.

The formula used in Zaca consists of a 4-herb blend --- including Japanese Raisin, Prickly Pear, Glutathione and Glutamine.

Japanese Raisin Used For Hundreds of Years

Japanese Raisin extract, which is part of Zaca's potent formula, has been used for hundreds of years throughout Asia.

The reputation of Japanese Raisin, also medicinally named Hovenia Dulcis, goes back to the Tang Dynasty in 659 AD where it was hailed for its liver supporting abilities.

More recent studies have shown that the DHM flavonoid, a component of the Japanese Raisin plant, shows superior benefits for the liver and strong antioxidant properties.

Unfortunately, LifeAid's party aid drink does not include Japanese Raisin in its formula.

How To Use Zaca

To use Zaca for a night out, simply take 4 chewables at bedtime.

For other activities or simply for a replenishment of nutrients in the morning, take 2 chewables as needed.

Top Pick Supplement For Party Aid

Top Party Aid Supplement Zaca
Zaca's bite-sized chewables taste great and contain 1100 mg of natural ingredients. These are a top pick supplement due to ease of use, portability to take on-the-go, strength of formula, and its clean ingredients including being sugar free. Stay on top of your game the next day with these chewables by helping you rehydrate, replenish and recover. Try Zaca's chewables today and feel your best.


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