The Ultimate Test In The Florida Heat - Zaca

The Ultimate Test In The Florida Heat

The Ultimate Test In The Florida Heat


"My “ultimate test”: On a few different occasions I’ve spent the day outdoors being active in the Florida heat. This is typically very taxing on my body – I get dehydrated easily and my blood sugar levels drop suddenly. However, for each occasion I prepared with Zaca - I took 2 Zaca the night before and then another 2 Zaca the morning of. At any point during the day when I’d start to feel overheated or on the verge of crashing, I’d take another 2 Zaca. Not only did I continue to feel well the rest of the day, but I also didn't experience any of my typical uncomfortable symptoms.

I've tried several different protein bars and electrolyte drinks, but I always run into the same problem: They don't kick in fast enough to help me feel better quickly.  It has literally been years since I've been able to attend and enjoy day-long activity in the outdoor heat. Zaca gave my body the extra necessities to remain strong during what is typically a very challenging situation for my body."

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