Top 6 Tips To Using Zaca Chewables

Top 6 Tips To Using Zaca Chewables

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A couple tips to maximizing Zaca recovery chewables next time you use them! 

  1. Place them on your pillow before your night out.
    That way you won't forget to take them before bed!  Some even prefer taking all 4 tablets at that time.

  2. Drink 12 oz. of water after eating them.
    Not required, but it will maximize results by enhancing ingredients and hydration.

  3. Mix Zaca in your smoothie for the ultimate recovery the next morning!
    Try our coconut berry-banana smoothie recipe.

  4. Take at least 4-6 tablets for extreme situations!
    For high altitude exposure, extreme exercise (marathons) and long nights out it's best to take at least 4 tablets.  You could safely take 6 packs in a day (if you wanted!).

  5. Keep out of high heat.
    The packaging advises storage at 59-86°F so the chewables don't get hard.

  6. Store a couple packs in things such as your purse or wallet.
    You'll thank yourself to have Zaca in last minute situations when you need it the most!