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Really works

These work great. While some people are saying they are 'expensive' I know that for me-and nearly everyone I know- waking up in the morning with a bad hangover is the worst. Wouldn't you gladly pay $20 if the hangover was gone? Most would pay more. You can get 6 servings of zaca for that price. While sometimes I use 2 packs in one night for zero hangover, (one pack after a few drinks, and one before bed) that is about $7 total, the same price you're paying for one drink. I don't know about you, but $7 for no hangover is absolutely worth it to me. Needless to say, I definitely recommend this product

A miracle for rehydration!!!!!

My son had the worst stomach flu ever! He couldn’t keep down water, saltines, Gatorade, 7up, nothing! I had these at the ready for an unforeseen hangover and thought, "if these help with hangover symptoms, i.e. dehydration, fatigue, upset stomach, etc, let me just TRY it to offer any relief for my boy." Desperate to offer him some relief and get my baby hydrated, I gave them to him. Of course, he resisted, fearing they'd be chalky or foamy or having a consistency similar to tums, alka seltzer or gaviscon. With much coaxing he ultimately aquiesed and chewed two. I kid you not, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the almost instantaneous positive effect!! He spoke his first full sentence since the onset of his stomach flu. It was, "hey, these actually taste good! Kinda like sweet tarts." I was amazed. I even said, "OMG! You're sitting up! Speaking in full sentences, not just grunting 'no!' Do you think you can try a popsicle now?" He said, "sure." Well, the popsicle stayed down. Then the Gatorade... then the water. I planned on giving him another couple in eight hours, but HE ASKED FOR MORE after 4. I gave him 10 (5 packets total) over 48 hrs and was so relieved and impressed to see him feeling better and rehydrated! I was ordering more after the first packet was given. The next day I had given them to 4 other moms at his school who also had children home, suffering from the same flu. Low and behold, they were texting me with amazement and gratitude, asking if they were safe for the younger tots of the family who had contracted the same stomach flu from their siblings. I had no idea. So I contacted the owners who responded WITHIN MINUTES! How’s that for customer service?! Was assured the all natural ingredients were indeed safe. This worked for EVERYONE! If these came in bottles, I'd have as a staple in my medicine cabinet for vomiting, diarrhea, jet lag, nausea, workouts... and yes, the dreaded hangover. Buy them with confidence. You wont be disappointed!

Works great!

I do not drink on the regular, but I wanted to go out for my birthday and have a good time. Right before going to bed I took 4 chewables like the instructions say to do and I woke up feeling like an 8 out of 10. I was very happy that I didn’t have to slow down for the rest of the weekend because of a hangover. I will definitely buy again.

Recovery Chewable
Sabrina Dietz

I'm the type of person that wake up with a hangover after a single glass of wine. Zaca has made it so that I can enjoy myself and not feel like crap the next day!

Recovery Chewable
Deborah Graves
Zara is great for altitude issues.

I was vacationing in Aspen in July and after three days there, I had a bout of altitude sickness. Zara provided immediate relief

Recovery Chewable
Melissa Lopes
Was expecting better.

I took them twice while drinking,... once before bed. Still woke up nauseous so I took them again in the morning and I only started feeling better the next day. Either this is for ppl who are new to drinking or I need to take more? In that case.. its gonna cost me to make sure I dont get a hangover the next day. Sorry for being so negative, but this was my experience and wished it worked better on me... (FYI I was tipsy not drunk lol)

Recovery Chewable
Marqueece Dawson

The packaging is ridiculous. Don’t get why a bottle w like 25 or 50 tabs can’t be sold. Sucks to have to keep reorders going, driving up shopping expenses

Recovery Chewable
Tina White
Worked Great!

The chewables worked just as the ad said that they would. I had at least 6 Jack & cokes and several shots. I almost always have a hangover after a night out. Let's just say I don't get out much anymore either. The next morning I felt fine. I will be purchasing these again in the future!

Recovery Chewable (6 Packs)

Recovery Chewable
Kathleen Morey
High Altitiude Savior PLUS

I ordered this product originally for use when I fly because I get high altitude sickness. It worked great. Then I realized the benefit of using it for hydration so now I am ordering it in as big a bulk as is available to use daily as I do not and obviously will not drink a lot of water. So far so good. I play with the amounts I use although one is too little, but I have yet to use four at a time and the product works well.

Thank you for a great product!

Recovery Chewable
Kristen Sindorf
Didn’t receive my order due to delayed shipping

I was excited to try to Zaca and had it shipped to the location of my sister’s bachelorette party. Unfortunately I kept getting delayed shipping notices and I never received it. :(

Recovery Chewable
Lydia Hampton
21st Bday Party-Proof

I've always suffered intense hangovers while drinking champagne especially at the end of a tequila soaked day. My friend turned 21 and I got enough packs for both her and myself. She started drinking at 12pm and didnt stop until 2am and was hardly nauseous the next day after using just 6 tablets. I had zero side effects from 5 shots and 2 glasses of champagne and a beer with just 2 tablets taken. I will always recommend this product!

Recovery Chewable
Kurt Blanz
Did not work

Didn’t feel anything

Recovery Chewable
Christine Nash
Works great!!

I work a lot of overnights and have a hard time recovering when I need to be awake with my kids during the day. I drink water constantly and still get migraines. But these have really taken that all away!! And they taste pretty good too!

Recovery Chewable
Lance Roberts
works good, just a little pricey

I found these work good when I'm sore after a workout. Just wish the price was bit less. Maybe if they sold it in jars instead of individual packs it'd be cheaper.

Recovery Chewable
Jennifer Coburn
Stomach pain

They gave me the worst stomach pains? So i never tried another pack i was on vacation girls trip and did not want to feel that miserable again so i did not dare try them again

Recovery Chewable
Elena Beckwermert

Not yet arrived

Recovery Patch (6 per box)
It Works

Great company and a product I can get behind. If its a night of libations or a race Zaca Patches keep you on the go and doing your best when you need something to help you out.
I didn't believe it until I tried it.. both after a long weekend of being out with friends and also the day of a race. Both times I did better with the magic patch.
I keep a box in my travel bag... and keep a couple around the house. They are the best.

About to try the patch.

I bought these on a trip to Colorado. Hope they work. I realize you'll erase this. But, I also want you to realize it's very obvious all your reviews are fake. Don't get too mad. If these work, I will come back a write you a real review.. one that you will, most likely,also erase, just because. Lol.
..Just saying, for no reason, obviously -.- geeze.

PLEASE Bring Back the Patches!

The patches far out-way the chewable. Please consider bringing back the patches

Recovery Chewable
Hunter Williams
It Really Does Work!

This has helped my stay hydrated during my traveling and competition as a Team USA skeleton athlete!

Recovery Chewable
Kayla Escher
Great product

My husband and I tried these after a day of wine tasting, and they really do work! The recovery and hydration they provide is great - I think these would be helpful even just after a day of not drinking enough water/being dehydrated. Also easy to take and tasty!

For those weekends when you dont want it to stop

Great product to recover

Recovery Kit

Love Zaca. They save me all the time, they work!

Recovery Chewable
T. Sommers
Birthday/Labor Day Weekend Celebration

The jury is still out because I've only had one true test weekend, but more to come. It was my sister's birthday and we partied hard! I gave her the chewables and she woke up feeling great the next morning. My cousin, on the other hand, felt terrible all day the following day. I will be ordering more very soon because I share them with family.