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Recovery Chewable
Lance Roberts
works good, just a little pricey

I found these work good when I'm sore after a workout. Just wish the price was bit less. Maybe if they sold it in jars instead of individual packs it'd be cheaper.

Recovery Chewable
Kathleen Morey
High Altitiude Savior PLUS

I ordered this product originally for use when I fly because I get high altitude sickness. It worked great. Then I realized the benefit of using it for hydration so now I am ordering it in as big a bulk as is available to use daily as I do not and obviously will not drink a lot of water. So far so good. I play with the amounts I use although one is too little, but I have yet to use four at a time and the product works well.

Thank you for a great product!

Recovery Chewable
Christine Nash
Works great!!

I work a lot of overnights and have a hard time recovering when I need to be awake with my kids during the day. I drink water constantly and still get migraines. But these have really taken that all away!! And they taste pretty good too!

Recovery Chewable
Jessica Lively
Love IT

Drank my usual good Pinot Gris, took two before bed and two in the morning was good to go for the day and I’m almost 30.

Recovery Chewable
Deborah Graves
Zara is great for altitude issues.

I was vacationing in Aspen in July and after three days there, I had a bout of altitude sickness. Zara provided immediate relief

Recovery Chewable
Sandy Sturm
Zaca is essential when traveling!

We always take Zaca before and during our summer vacation to Colorado. It really helps with altitude! Our kids take it too. Highly recommend!

Recovery Chewable (6 Packs)

Recovery Chewable
Jennifer Coburn
Stomach pain

They gave me the worst stomach pains? So i never tried another pack i was on vacation girls trip and did not want to feel that miserable again so i did not dare try them again

Recovery Chewable
Nicola Marshall

I have to admit that I was sceptical if these would make a difference and I am blown away. I had one (or several) drinks too many the other night and I knew I was not going to feel well the next day, so I used these and I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy. I am in no way endorsing getting blacked out and using these to function the next day, however, if in those times where you let loose and enjoy yourself these are a great aide.

Recovery Chewable
Ordene Harding
Great product

Tried and tested. Works very well. Tastes good too.

Recovery Chewable
Karlyn Abdalla
Altitude adjustment

We moved from Louisiana to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! I have used Zaca so frequently that I put it on auto-ship! I love it and it's benefits 🙌

Recovery Chewable
Colleen Scanlan
A great recovery pill!

It’s a great recovery from a night of drinks and a workout. Love these and will be buying again.

Recovery Chewable
Anna Zittle
Great Product

Love this company and the product! Never start a night out in the town without my Zaca Pills!

Recovery Chewable
Kimberly Pilgrim

I was totally skeptical when I read about Zaca. I’m so glad I gave it a try. It really does work!

I can drink again!

Ever since hitting my 40's, drinking has not been as fun (the day after). Headaches, blah feeling, sluggish...until our good friends shared their secret: Zaca!! They love it so much, they have a monthly subscription for Zaca. So when we planned a Florida vacation with said friends, I knew there was no way I could keep up with them and recover as well without trying SOMETHING! I ordered Zaca and it came quickly before we left. Day drinking started in the a.m. and continued until bed, but 2 of these chewables before bed saved me every single night!! There was not a single morning I woke up with regret. Thank you!

ZACA goes with me everywhere!

This is for sure a 5-star product! I am a frequent traveler and have been buying ZACA for years now. I started out using it on the advice of my college-aged son, when I was feeling just a little fragile the day after a big night with one too many glasses of wine. But I soon realized it was an essential part of travel for me. It really helps my jet lag, altitude sickness, and any other travel adjustments my body needs to make. I take 2 every morning on every trip I take and I am convinced it makes my day just feel much better. And of course, there is (very often) that extra cocktail or two during vacation! ZACA has my bases covered! Thanks guys, for a really good product that actually works!

Recovery Chewable
Angela Smith

I took it as directed, didn’t really notice any difference between taking it and not taking it. Probably won’t use it again, and it’s quite expensive for the amount you have to take.

Recovery Chewable
Carrie Fluckiger


Recovery Patch (6 per box)
It Works

Great company and a product I can get behind. If its a night of libations or a race Zaca Patches keep you on the go and doing your best when you need something to help you out.
I didn't believe it until I tried it.. both after a long weekend of being out with friends and also the day of a race. Both times I did better with the magic patch.
I keep a box in my travel bag... and keep a couple around the house. They are the best.

Recovery Chewable
BONNIE Connolly

I am ordering new there was dams to half of my package

Recovery Chewable
Hunter Williams
It Really Does Work!

This has helped my stay hydrated during my traveling and competition as a Team USA skeleton athlete!

Recovery Chewable
Kayla Escher
Great product

My husband and I tried these after a day of wine tasting, and they really do work! The recovery and hydration they provide is great - I think these would be helpful even just after a day of not drinking enough water/being dehydrated. Also easy to take and tasty!

For those weekends when you dont want it to stop

Great product to recover

Recovery Kit

Love Zaca. They save me all the time, they work!

Recovery Chewable
T. Sommers
Birthday/Labor Day Weekend Celebration

The jury is still out because I've only had one true test weekend, but more to come. It was my sister's birthday and we partied hard! I gave her the chewables and she woke up feeling great the next morning. My cousin, on the other hand, felt terrible all day the following day. I will be ordering more very soon because I share them with family.