Bachelorette Survival Kit: 28 Things You're Gonna Need

bachelorette survival kit

Planning a bachelorette party and trying to scrape together items for a bachelorette survival kit? Whether you're gonna be the bride-to-be, maid of honor or a bridesmaid who gets roped in to being her personal assistant for the shindig, you're going to need some help. We got you covered. Building the perfect Bachelorette Survival Kit can help every girl prepare for the whirlwind of fun that awaits her. 

We've researched hundreds of items so you don't have to. Here's a list of 28 things you're gonna need (or want) for your Bachelorette party. You'll have more options than you'll ever need. This can serve as a good guide not only for a bachelorette survival kit, but also for the important things you might need in general for your bachelorette party (or trip). 

Below we've listed out 28 things every good bachelorette survival kit needs:

bachelorette survival hangover kit

Bachelorette parties are about having fun — and for some, a little too much fun. To help you out on the big bachelorette day, these items will come in very handy for the bride to be and her friends.

As you scroll through these, we have personal recommendations and links where to purchase each item for the bachelorette survival kit. Some call it a bachelorette hangover kit, yes we have those items covered too! Keep in mind the most popular places used to find bachelorette items online are on Etsy and Amazon.

  1. Bachelorette Sachet, Bag or Box - First, you'll need something to put all these items in! Depending how simple or how lavish you make these survival kits will determine what kind you get. If you go simple, you just need something small like a 3x5 muslin sachet. If you go big and lavish, a tote bag might be your best fit. Or a box, not only stylish and cute, but they are also great for storing all of your bachelorette party survival needs.

  2. Straws - If you plan on drinking straight from the champagne bottle, it's always good to have a straw on hand. These are fun to take on the night out and use on drinks you order, even more fun if it's a penis straw!

    Like these bachelorette and bride or penis straws on Etsy.

  3. Sunglasses - No one ever turned down a pair of sunglasses. Even better, when you have the whole bachelorette party wearing the same style or color, talk about a head turner and killer Instagram shots!

    Try these bride squad sunglasses.

  4. Bottle Opener - Every girl needs a good bottle opener in case she needs to open that bottle of beer or champagne. If you have a bigger budget, getting these customized printed is a small bachelorette gift everyone will keep.

    Also an option as a bridesmaid gift, try these Etsy bachelorette party bottle openers.

  5. Hydration Packets - Maybe the most important on the list, you'll need something to recover and hydrate from drinking alcohol and being on-the-go!

    Try Zaca which offers a sugar-free hydration + liver aid chewables in to-go packets, the bachelorettes will thank you in the morning!

  6. Lip balm - Dry lips can be a side effect of drinking too much and the dreaded hangover. Having lip balm on hand will help keep your lips from cracking and chapping while you drink.

    Can't go wrong with the classic Burt's Bees lip balm.

  7. Lotion or Aloe Vera - What woman ever said I don't want hydrated skin? If you're going to be in a pool during the day or out at night, your skin will dry out! Keep everyone hydrated with lotion, a no-brainer for any bachelorette survival kit.

    Kill two birds with one stone with this aloe vera gel, hydrating and helps protect the skin from the sun!

  8. Mini Bottle of Champagne - You might be thinking, isn't the point of the bachelorette survival kit to look and feel great? Yes, but you gotta get that party started! A little mini bottle of champagne is a great way for all the girls to cheers the future bride and kick off the bachelorette party.

    These are adorable little mini La Vostra champagne bottles from Total Wine. 

  9. Hand sanitizer - It's always a good idea to have some on hand, but it's especially important when you're out drinking and dancing.

    Due to covid they're now a dime a dozen, try this 24-pack of hand sanitizer on Amazon.

  10. Protein bar - After a night of heavy boozing (hangover anyone?) or just a full on-the-go day, you might find yourself feeling very hungry or even slightly nauseous. A protein bar is a great way to curb that hunger and take the edge off.

    RX bars are healthy, clean and filling.

  11. Waterproof Bag - If you're by a pool or on the beach, your stuff will get wet. An airtight, waterproof bag for all those things that aren't waterproof like phones and wallets!

    These waterproof bags on Amazon are neat.

  12. Flip Flops - This is specific if you're going somewhere tropical or with a pool. You're gonna get your feet wet, might as well be in some comfy shoes!

    If you want to step it up, check out these custom named flip flops for each bachelorette

  13. Sunscreen - Just go ahead and plan on getting some sun while you're at it. Just like the flip flops, if it's somewhere hot and topical, the girls not having sunscreen could go bad! Sunburnt anyone?

    As we always go the healthy and clean options, these mineral-based zinc oxide sunscreen packets are perfect for the bachelorette kits.

  14. Hair ties - Who doesn't need a hair tie? Highly used, and cheap to add to the survival kits.

    Easy peasy, here's a boatload of hair ties on Amazon

  15. Bobby Pins - Bobby pins are a lifesaver to hide those messy buns.

    Easy peasy number two, here's a jar-full of bobby pins on Amazon.

  16. Lint Roller - You'd be surprised how much lint accumulates on our clothing throughout the night and this helps get rid of it! There's small, cute portable lint rollers you can get.

    Here's some mini lint rollers on Amazon that'll do the trick.

  17. Face Wipes / Makeup Remover - You're going to be crashing hard each night, whether party on the town or a packed itenerary of activies, so it's nice to take off your makeup and freshen up before hitting the sack. Or simply clean up at anytime, the portable packet ones are handy no matter where you are.

    These portable face wipe packets on Amazon are biodegradable and don't use any harsh chemicals.

  18. Advil or Tylenol – This one is great for the next day if anyone has a bad headache.

    Numerous Advil and Tylenol options are on Amazon.

  19. Water bottle – Let's face it, you're going to be dehydrated after all of that wine, champagne or whatever drink of choice is flowing! Water bottles will be a necessity, and like a bottle opener it's optional to get it customized as a great bachelorette gift.

    These Etsy bachelorette water bottles are adorable and affordable.

  20. Custom Shirts (or bathing suits) - When you stroll around with matching bachelorette shirts, let's say it's nothing less than a lot of fun! And for those memories, you'll have the best Instagram photos.

    Who won't love these bride squad bachelorette t-shirts on Etsy?

  21. Mints or Gum - Freshen your breath and take away the alcohol-induced taste in your mouth!

    These individual wrapped mints are non-gmo, nothing artificial and sweetened with Xylitol just like Zaca.

  22. Tampons - You never know what time of the month it'll be for any bachelorette party attendee!

    Multiple sizes available with a Tampax tampons variety pack.

  23. Shot Glasses or Cups - Nothing says "let's get crazy" quite like shot glasses! These will keep you and your friends entertained all night long, and if you get them customized, it's a great bachelorette party gift for everyone to keep.

    These Etsy bachelorette shot glasses will give you all the fun, but with a classy look and rememberable wedding date. Click here.

  24. Nail polish remover wipes - There's going to be some painting going on! Keep the bachelorette crew equipped for those nail polish sessions.

    Check out these non-accetone and alcohol-free nail polish remover wipes.

  25. Nail File / Buffer – A nail file or buffer to get for touch up any chips or scratches before the big night starts. Making sure the bachelorette party is looking great!

    Here's a large standard pack of nail files on Amazon.

  26. Eye Drops - You may wake up feeling like someone ran over your face with a lawnmower, but at least your eyes will look pretty while they hurt.

    These are unique ayurvedic herbal eyedrops that are natural, and still get the job done.

  27. Brush / Comb - You'll need this to fix that bedhead look everyone woke up with!

    These are cute hair brush multi-packs on Amazon.

  28. Tissues - You never know when you will need them! And there will likely be a tear or two as you share stories before you best friend gets married.

    These Kleenex tissue mini packs come in a variety of fun colors.

Any bachelorette party is lacking without a solid bachelorette survival kit, and now you not have a solid list of items and options to explore! Print this bachelorette party survival kit out and get the girls together to start brainstorming what items should go into yours. 

Don't forget a key item is a hydration or recovery product. As mentioned in #5, try our great-tasting Hydration + Liver Aid chewables for your bachelorette survival kit!