8 Reasons Zaca Is The Best DHM Supplement

Best DHM Supplement

We are committed to providing our customers with the best DHM supplements, and we know that Zaca is out-performing other DHM products (dihydromyricetin).

In short, we believe ZacaⓇ is the best DHM supplement available. Much of that has to do with our extraction process and guaranteed levels of active ingredients. And with over 1,000 reviews, we have one of the highest-rated DHM supplement reviews you'll find.

Zaca is different from other DHM supplements on the market. Here are 8 reasons you'll want to choose Zaca as your next DHM dihydromyricetin supplement.

8 Reasons Zaca Is The Best DHM Supplement

1. Zaca is the most potent DHM supplement.

Zaca is the most potent DHM supplement developed on the market. Made with a simple 4-herb blend, the powerful combination is designed to help detoxify the body while providing liver aid and hydration.

Zaca is loaded with DHM-producing Hovenia Dulcis in amounts higher than most products out there. The combination of active ingredients is equal to 1,100mg per each serving of chewables!

2. Zaca's DHM is absorbed fast.

Zaca chewables DHM is specially designed so you don't need those hard-to-swallow pills that take a while to work. Zaca's DHM is absorbed fast with chewables tablets that you eat.

Relieving you faster than bulk-forming materials which require the body to process over a longer periods of time. 

In addition, the chewables are glutamine-fortified which directly supports gut health and can further help absorption.

3. Zaca's uses the highest-quality Hovenia Dulcis extract.

Studies show that DHM ( dihydromyricetin) standalone is not as powerful than when in its natural state of the full Hovenia Dulcis plant.

Zaca's uses the highest quality Hovenia Dulcis extract utilizing all the medicinal components of the plant including the fruit, seeds and peduncle. Rather than isolate just one flavonoid, this blend includes a wider range of benefits from the antioxidant-rich plant.

This is a key component which making Zaca the best DHM  dihydromyricetin supplement.

4. Zaca is made from pure and natural ingredients.

Pure and natural ingredients in a convenient chewable tablet. Zaca has no additives or colorants, and is non-GMO and gluten free.

Our products are formulated with only premium grade amino acids, antioxidants and herbs including DHM that are naturally derived.

In addition, no artificial sweetener or flavors, using Xylitol and Stevia to add a pleasant flavor.

5. Zaca provides reliable and consistent DHM results using standardization.

Zaca is a complete liver health supplement providing reliable and consistent results using standardization to guarantee potency. Which means every batch and every chewable gives the same nutrient profile and powerful results.

Zaca is one of the few DHM supplements that has undergone a proprietary process to refine the hovenia dulcis and to preserve all the beneficial compounds.

Zaca is produced in facilities that exceed the highest standards of quality control.

6. Zaca can be easily taken anywhere.

Zaca chewables provides all of the benefits of an DHM supplement in an easy-to-use format. It's the first DHM supplement be to be sold in a chewable tablet form. It is easy to digest, making it the most user-friendly liver aid on the market today.

Just eat anytime for a convenient way to rehydrate, replenish and recover. Bring a few with you on your next hike, tailgating trip, or traveling adventure to help give you all of the best benefits of a DHM supplement.

7. Zaca tastes 'berry' great.

Our proprietary extraction process produces no bitter or pungent taste, ensuring that Zaca is always enjoyable to take. Made with natural flavors, Zaca's mixed-berry taste is delicious. And with no gluten, artificial sugar, or artificial flavors, it's just as healthy as it tastes.

8. Zaca's DHM and other ingredients are back by science.

Formulated for superior absorption and effectiveness, Zaca sources and uses ingredients that are backed by science.

Our Hovenia Dulcis alone, where the DHM flavonoid comes from, has extensive research done on it to prove its efficiency and results. This assures the ingredients are tested to do what they say.

If you'd like to read more on the research on our ingredients, read the science behind zaca chewables.


DHM Supplement
Your journey towards a healthier you starts with Zaca. For the reasons above, we believe we produce the best DHM supplement on the market today.

Our DHM supplement is made from the finest, high-quality ingredients for liver aid and recovery. We use only the purest forms of DHM in our process extracted from Hovenia Dulcis, which is then combined with other high-quality nutrients and amino acids to craft a formula that will help you feel your best! Try our DHM supplement chewables now.