Zaca: Best L Glutamine Brand for Leaky Gut?

Best L-Glutamine Brand for Leaky Gut

Zaca is dedicated to offering the very highest quality health supplements available. Zaca has been a trusted option for L Glutamine leaky gut supplements since 2016. If you are looking to see if zaca has the potential to be your leaky gut supplement of choice, read these seven reasons provided in this review to see why we think it's the best L Glutamine brand for leaky gut.

How Does L Glutamine Help Leaky Gut?

Glutamine is commonly marketed as a sports supplement, but it has been proven to play a significant role in the maintenance of gut membrane integrity. As glutamine is an amino acid that's found naturally in the body, and is involved in a variety of bodily processes, it's recommended by nutritionists for those with leaky gut syndrome (LGS).

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition in which toxins and bacteria "leak" through the intestinal tract into the blood stream. Intestinal permeability causes a range of problems, as toxins and bacteria in the bloodstream affect the body.

L-glutamine can help heal leaky gut syndrome. It is an amino acid that repairs the intestinal wall and helps stop leaky gut. L-glutamine also reduces inflammation, which can be helpful with leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel disease.


7 Reasons Why Zaca Is Best L Glutamine Brand for Leaky Gut

Here's we we think Zaca is the best l glutamine brand for leaky gut.

1. Zaca has the highest quality, standardized L glutamine.
Zaca uses the highest quality, standardized L glutamine available. Which means that every dose carries the same ingredients and benefits so you have reliable results every time.

Our l-glutamine comes from non-GMO sources that are  and is non-denatured, which means it's not mixed with any other ingredients and will not break down with heat or acidic foods.

2. Zaca has the best absorption form of L glutamine.
Zaca is one of the few supplement brands that use a dipeptide form of l-glutamine -- l-alanyl-l-glutamine -- for superior results. Studies have shown that alanylglutamine, is more stable and water-soluble than free-form l-glutamine.¹

Dipeptides are absorbed more quickly than free amino acids, since they employ a transport carrier that is more efficient and intact than the carrier used by free amino acids. This means more effective at improving the gut by being more readily absorbed into your body.¹ 

3. Zaca's glutamine is natural and fermented, not synthetic.
Many of the glutamine supplements on the market today are made from synthetically created ingredients. Zaca's alanylglutamine has a patented natural fermentation process that allows it to be one of the few non-synthetic glutamine products available with the use of petrochemicals. The end result is a pure, highly effective form of glutamine making it the best L glutamine powder for leaky gut.

4. Zaca provides a robust formula with supporting ingredients.
Zaca is a brand that takes full advantage of this popularity by producing a quality supplement that's not only the highest quality L glutamine, but also comes with additional ingredients that make it better suited to your needs. Formulation that includes glutathione, prickly pear and japanese raisin, this provides a wide range of benefits beyond just leaky gut such as hydration and immune support.

5. Zaca uses only the cleanest ingredients.
Zaca is dedicated to providing supplements that are suitable for everyone, including people with dietary restrictions. Zaca is gluten free and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). High quality and pure - it's also free from dairy, free from soy, allergen free, dairy free, free from artificial flavors and sweeteners, vegan friendly, and paleo friendly. All while being manufactured in the USA with the strictest guidelines.

6. Zaca is easy to use.
The first to put L glutamine in a chewable tablet, you can take Zaca anywhere and at anytime! The portable packets makes it easy to throw in your bag or pocket so you can be ready no matter what happens.

7. Zaca is great tasting.
One of the main reasons customers love Zaca is because it tastes delicious. Made with great-tasting berry, it contains no chemicals, preservatives or additives. Naturally sweetened with xylitol and stevia.


So it Zaca the best L glutamine brand for leaky gut? We think the evidence is overwhelming based on these 7 points versus other glutamine supplements on the market. Using a dipeptide form of L glutamine alone is a vital enough to make big difference for leaky gut. Decide for yourself, try zaca chewables today!


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