The Best L Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut: 6 Reasons

Best L Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut

Are you looking for the best L Glutamine powder for leaky gut? You have found it! The L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine from Zaca is everything you need to heal your gut and eliminate food intolerances.

Leaky Gut Syndrome can be extremely unpredictable and painful. A lot of people around the country have been suffering from leaky gut syndrome for a long time. It’s estimated that at least 70% of the population suffers from leaky gut syndrome and are completely unaware of it.

You can help minimize your risks and reduce chances of you having leaky gut by supplementing with the best L Glutamine powder for leaky gut.

We'll review six reasons why Zaca has the best L Glutamine powder for leaky gut, what is leaky gut, and how does L Glutamine help leaky gut.


Best L Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut: 6 Reasons

At Zaca, we want hold the highest standards to for our ingredients, with no exception to L Glutamine.

Our chewables are formulated with the highest quality ingredients by partnering with the best farms and suppliers we seek out worldwide.

When shopping for L Glutamine for leaky gut, you want to find the best source to assure you get the best results.

Here we'll explain six reasons why Zaca has the best L Glutamine powder for leaky gut. Further, this will help you understand what to look for in finding the best L Glutamine powder so you can make a better informed decision when shopping.

Here's 6 Reasons Zaca Has The Best L Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut:

1. Cleanest L Glutamine 
Our strict guidelines require the L Glutamine powder in our chewables to be the cleanest ingredient on the market.
Our L Glutamine powder is gmo-free, kosher certified, vegan friendly, and the raw materials are without any animal origin.

2. Dipeptide form of L Glutamine
Our chewables use a specical form of L Glutamine powder, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, that's better than L Glutamine alone.

Alanylglutamine is a molecule that is made up of two amino acids, both L-Glutamine and then L-Alanine.

As explained below, more stable, better absorbed, and enhanced results are due the fact of using alanylglutamine over free form l glutamine.¹

3. More stable 
Our Alanylglutamine is more stable than free form L-glutamine.
There is evidence that suggests that alanylglutamine is a more effective supplement than glutamine because of its increased stability and water solubility.¹

L-glutamine can be unstable and breaks down to glutamic acid when dissolved in water, so dipeptides such as alanylglutamine are often used instead because they are more stable.¹

Alanylglutamine is also more stable than L-glutamine under acidic conditions and high temperatures, where free form l gutamine may break down.¹

This assures that when taking Zaca, you're getting a stable and reliable source of Glutamine versus other options on the market.

4. Better absorbed
Alanylglutamine, used in Zaca, is better absorbed in the intestines than L-glutamine itself, which underlies claims of increased bioavailability.¹

This can be vital when using l glutamine powder for leaky gut.
Alanylglutamine can also help the body absorb electrolytes and water better, which might account for any benefits over glutamine. ¹

Another study found that alanylglutamine supplementation was associated with improved intestinal absorption, which can be a big plus for people with leaky gut.²

All in all, using alanylglutamine in Zaca allows for much better absorption.

5. Enzyme derived rather than synthetic
Zaca's alanylglutamine uses an enzyme technology in the production during manufacturing process to avoid synthetic chemicals.

Natural ingredients, rather than petrochemicals are used in the processes. There's no petrochemical origin in part or in full in our alanylglutamine.

6. Enhanced results
There's additional benefits to leaky gut by using alanylglutamine over free form l glutamine.

Adding alanylglutamine may help increase water absorption and electrolytes, which could enhance rehydration.¹ Since leaky gut can lead to bloating and even chronic dehydration, alanylglutamine may help more than l glutamine powder alone.

While Zaca's alanylglutamine dipeptide is more stable in solution with additional benefits, it still providing the benefits of free-form glutamine in supporting the intestines.¹

Overall, these 6 reasons show Zaca provides a superior form of l glutamine powder to assure they best results for people with leaky gut.

How Does L Glutamine Help Leaky Gut?

It is believed that L-Glutamine helps with leaky gut (leaky bowel syndrome LBS) by helping with cell regeneration of the intestinal lining, which helps to heal any damage that has been done. Glutamine is considered more beneficial to the system than many other amino acid supplements.

The cells of the intestinal lining are damaged when there is inflammation and this results in holes forming between cells allowing toxins into the blood stream. By healing these cells, it helps to prevent toxins from entering into the bloodstream while also preventing further damage from occurring.

The study found that Glutamine is the preferred fuel for enterocytes and colonocytes, and therefore is one of the most important nutrients for healing 'leaky gut syndrome'.³

It also found low level of glutamine in children was associated with intestinal barrier disruption, inflammation, and diarrheal diseases.³ 

There are many different ways that glutamine can help with leaky gut syndrome:

  • It helps heal the damaged intestinal lining which leads to fewer food particles and toxins entering the bloodstream.

  • Glutamine can help improve digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation because it helps heal the gut lining.

  • Glutamine can help improve food allergies and intolerances because it helps seal up the holes in the intestinal lining.

  • Glutamine can help restore normal flora (friendly bacteria) in the gut because has a positive impact on the gut microbiome by sustaining the balance.

  • Glutamine can improve immune function by helping protect against infections, toxicity and inflammation.

The beneficial effect of L-glutamine on the gut lining is one of many health benefits. In fact, L-glutamine exhibits a remarkable number of healing properties and there's evidence to show it may improve health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease.

What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky Gut Syndrome was discovered in gastroenterology more than 100 years ago.

Leaky gut is a condition when your intestines become porous and allows for toxins, bacteria, and food particles to enter your bloodstream. The result is a weakened immune system, inflammation, allergies and it may lead to other disease.

One of the leading cause of leaky gut is due to the ingestion of gluten. Gluten intolerance is a serious disorder of the digestive system that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. When gluten mixes with water, it becomes sticky and produces slimy mucus resulting in poor digestion. Gluten also wears down the intestinal wall, causing an inflammatory reaction resulting in what is known as leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability.

If you suffer from leaky gut, you should know that leaky gut syndrome causes many problems for your body including nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, and other inflammatory conditions.

What Is L glutamine?

In the simplest terms, glutamine is an amino acid.

As much as 20% of your body's amino acids are made up of glutamine, and is crucial for gut health and the immune system, hence such a great ingredient to supplement for leaky gut. 

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body and plays a role in maintaining intestinal health, though a large part of glutamine production occurs in the small intestine.

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. When proteins break down and get used as fuel for energy or muscle building/repair, they release free-floating amino acids like glutamine that can be easily taken up by the small intestine.

Most of the body's glutamine is found in muscles and in your intestinal tract (your gut). Glutamine also supports brain health, immunity, overall tissue growth and repair, liver function and more. There's even evidence to show glutamine can be great as a chewable hydration tablet, it may be one of the vitamins to prevent hangover, and may be a natural ingredient to prevent altitude sickness.

The alanylglutamine used in Zaca is just a dipeptide form of glutamine composed of two amino acids, both glutamine and alanine. As mentioned, it provides a superior form of l glutamine powder with added benefits, absorption and stability.

The Bottom Line: On The Best L Glutamine Powder For Leaky Gut 

So, should you make l glutamine powder a staple in your leaky gut supplement arsenal? Yes! When you have a leaky gut it’s important to do everything you can to improve its integrity.

Based on the above, not only is l glutamine a great and natural supplement for leaky gut, alanylglutamine in Zaca is the best form of l glutamine powder you can use for your intestinal health.

Want to supplement l glutamine powder? Try Zaca chewables, which are loaded with alanylglutamine!





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