Buy Hovenia Dulcis Extract: And 3 Things To Look For

Buy Hovenia Dulcis Extract

Not all Hovenia Dulcis extract is created equal. There are different Hovenia Dulcis supplements on the market, but you need to know what to look for. For one thing — and this is what almost all sellers will overlook or skip — the processing of Hovenia Dulcis extract variants is essential to its potency. This is particularly true when you want to buy Hovenia Dulcis so that the extracts have concentrations of specific compounds in it. We'll expound on all these factors in this article so you can choose best when buying a Hovenia Dulcis extract.

Hovenia Dulcis where to buy

If you are looking for the best Hovenia Dulcis Extract, then you found the right place to buy it. Our extract used in the Zaca chewables has a wide range of health benefits by using the full spectrum of biological active components in hovenia dulcis including the fruit, seeds and peduncles. If you want to buy the best quality using the best and natural extraction process, try Zaca. To read further about our extract or 3 things to look for in Hovenia Dulcis extract, scroll down to "3 Things To Look For: How zaca uses the best Hovenia Dulcis extract."

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Section: What is Hovenia Dulcis Extract

Hovenia Dulcis extract comes from the Chinese raisin tree (also called Japanese Raisin or Korean Raisin), a hardy plant native to Asia. The tree grows all over Asia, Korea, Eastern China, to even the Himalayas at altitudes up to 6500 feet. The tree and it's berries have been used and mentioned in old Traditional Chinese Medicine and Korean Traditional Medicine dating back hundreds of years--as en effective herbal medicine to treat various health conditions and liver issues.

Benefits of Hovenia Dulcis Extract

Hovenia dulcis extract is a natural source of a potent antioxidants and numerous flavonoids including dihydromyricetin (DHM), and quercetin. It has shown potent anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

With Hovenia Dulcis' long history of traditional Medicine use, it has shown a wide range of benefits---and particularly popular using hovenia dulcis for alcohol and using hovenia dulcis for hangovers. Uses of Hovenia Dulcis extract include:

  • hangover prevention

  • detoxification of alcoholic poisoning

  • help brain GABA receptors from alcohol

  • managing liver diseases

  • exercise endurance

  • liver support and health

  • liver detox

  • anti-aging

  • immunity

  • fighting parasitic infections

  • stabilizing blood sugar levels

  • fevers (febrifuge)

  • parasitic infection

  • antispasmodic

Hovenia Dulcis Hangovers

Hovenia dulcis is particularly popular with hangovers due to a study that shows it can help increase the two alcohol fighting enzymes---alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH).

Hovenia Dulcis Alcohol

General use for alcohol is common, as with another study that shows significant reduced alcohol-related liver damage with a hovenia dulcis extract.

How to Use Hovenia Dulcis extract

How to use with depend on the many variety of usages. If you're using for protective antioxidant or endurance benefits such as traveling, hiking or exercising---take Hovenia before those activities. If using for drinking alcohol, it's usually recommended to take before going to bed.

hovenia dulcis where to buy

3 Things To Look For: How zaca uses the best Hovenia Dulcis extract

There are different Hovenia Dulcis extract products on the market, but you need to know what to look for. For one thing — and this is what almost all buyers will overlook or skip — the processing of Hovenia Dulcis extract variants is essential to its potency. This is particularly true when we are talking about the concentration of specific active and beneficial compounds in it.

Here's 3 things you should look for when buying Hovenia Dulcis extract:

1. Uses all parts of the Hovenia Dulcis plant
Most hovenia dulcis extract products are isolating DHM (dihydromyricetin) or are using artificially synthesized components. If DHM is isolated, the plant looses many of its biological active compounds and benefits that come along with it. Zaca chewables uses a natural hovenia dulcis extract from the fruit with naturally containing seeds and peduncles  therefore containing the full spectrum of beneficial constituents including hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects.

Our particular extract in Zaca includes all the flavonoids and antioxidants including quercetin, ampelopsin (dihydromerycetin DHM), saponin derivatives, dammarane-type triterpene saponins hodulosides I – V, and flavonoids hovenodulinol ,hovenitin I, (−)-catechin, (+)-afzelechin, hodulosides I, taxifolin, and myricetin.

2. Free of chemical additives 

Zaca's Hovenia Dulcis extract does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives, nor any artificial flavors. This produces the most pure and natural form of Hovenia Dulcis.

3. Standardized version

Zaca is standardized to assure every dose has the same components and benefits. Standardization is the gold standard of supplements and ingredients. If Hovenia Dulcis is not standardized, you may be losing benefits with every batch of product.

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