7 Top Corporate Wellness Gift Ideas for 2024

Corporate Wellness Gift Ideas

By: Beth Rush
Managing Editor at Body+Mind

Corporate wellness gifts serve as reminders of your commitment to supporting the overall well-being of individuals within your organization. They are tokens of appreciation and opportunities for recipients to embrace healthy habits. This guide lists the finest corporate wellness gift ideas for your cherished employees this year.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Gifts?

Providing gifts is a way to show your appreciation and gratitude to your team. Many benefits come with giving corporate wellness gifts, including:

  • Work-life balance: When employees are given tools that help manage their health, it can help foster habits that prevent burnout.
  • Increased productivity: Health-based incentives can prompt staff to adopt healthier habits, which can help boost productivity.
  • Consistent performance: Incentives act as reminders to your employees that they matter, which may boost their morale.

7 Top Corporate Wellness Gift Ideas

Make your employees look and feel at their best with these gift ideas.

Here's the 7 Top Corporate Wellness Gift Ideas:

1. Standing Desk

Sitting for eight straight hours a day can be detrimental to posture. Long periods of inactivity can also increase the risk of some long-term health issues, such as dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.¹ One way to combat these dangers is to get employees a standing desk.

Whether employees work from home or at the office, a standing desk can combat the adverse effects of sedentary lifestyles. It allows you to work while standing up, using a tool or even walking on a walkpad. This corporate wellness gift idea will be best appreciated by those who have always wanted this type of desk but can’t afford it.

2. Water Bottle

A high-quality water bottle is a gift everyone will love and use daily. Working eight hours a day can easily make you forget your hydration needs. When your team members have reusable water bottles on their desks, staying hydrated will be more achievable.

This gift is also helpful in outside work environments, such as the gym or an out-of-town trip. Instead of buying water in single-use plastic bottles, carrying a reusable container provides and eco-friendly way to stay cool and hydrated.

3. A Wellness Experience

Juggling professional and personal aspects of life isn’t easy, especially for working moms who are expected to be full-time mothers at home. This is why promoting better work-life balance in the workplace is vital, as it leads to a more productive and healthier work environment.²

Giving wellness experiences is an excellent way to make them feel appreciated and motivate them to grow in your company.

Here are some ideas that can put a smile on a staff’s face:

  • Spa day: Employees can use a spa day after a busy week. Provide your teammates with gift certificates they can use whenever they want.
  • Gym membership: An attractive way to combat a sedentary lifestyle is a free gym membership, which can be costly for working parents or breadwinners. 
  • All-expense paid vacation: Treat your best workers to a free weekend getaway with their families. A breather can take time away from work and daily life stresses, improving their mental health.

4. Yoga Mat

One of the most affordable corporate gift ideas is a yoga mat.

This item is helpful to anyone who loves exercising and wants to get into it. Make the gift more intentional by registering your team for a free yoga class.

5. Air Fryer

An air fryer is a game changer for people looking for healthier food preparation methods, providing you with the texture and taste of fried food with little to no oil. This method reduces the calories and fat, making it a healthy cooking technique.

This kitchen item is the ideal gift for promoting better eating habits at work. Pair it with a cookbook to encourage your teammates to feel inspired to use it daily.

6. Bath Bomb Set

A hot, relaxing bath can help your teammates destress after a long week.

Help elevate their bath break with a premium bath bomb set, including aromatherapy bombs and shower steamers. You can also include a customized bathrobe in the package to complete the spa-like experience at home.

7. Coffee Maker

Many people rely on coffee to fuel their days. Giving them a decent coffee maker can help them create better coffee at home, which translates to better energy, alertness and activity at work.

This gift is ideal if you operate on a remote work setup. Outside work, it will allow them to create coffee for their family and friends.

However, the downside of coffee is it can cause dehydration and sleeplessness. This is why ensuring your employees stay hydrated during work hours is essential.

In summary, investing in corporate wellness gift ideas demonstrates your commitment to fostering a healthy and thriving work environment. These top gifts we recommend include a standing desk, water bottle, a wellness experience, yoga mat, air fryer, bath bomb set, coffee makes, and read below for our last gift idea, the Zaca chewables.

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Companies stock Zaca in their break rooms, cafes, and even for their corporate retreats and work travel. It’s often an employee favorite!

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