How the Zaca Team Sweats & Recovers!

How the Zaca Team Sweats & Recovers!


(yes, we workout in-between Happy Hours!)


"Between lifting weights, stair master, shadow boxing, and running (when it's warm!), I routinely pop a pack of Zaca before my workouts. I then drink some water and off I go. I prefer taking Zaca before exercising compared to when I don't because of how well I feel during the workout. And I still get the recovery benefits versus taking them afterwards, but that's just my preference!"

Mark Aleks, co-founder     






"After taking 2 weeks off from any structured exercise classes, I was a little nervous to get into my routine. With the start of the New Year, I wanted to get back into it quickly but was nervous about how my body would handle a full hour of sweating! As a ritual, I took a pack of Zaca before class started and really didn’t think much of it. Fifteen minutes into the class, I thought I was going to hit the wall, but I actually started feeling really good! Once the class was over, I thought it was just beginners luck since it had been a while since I had taken class.

As I arrived the next day for another workout, I once again took Zaca as my routine. That’s when I realized “holy shit! This is what is making the difference!” A year ago when I was doing the same thing, it was a lot more difficult to get back into the rhythm and I believe Zaca is the key!

Zaca isn’t a miracle drug that will give you superhuman abilities, but it is a key piece for me in building momentum and living a healthy lifestyle!"

Emily Boss, marketing-manager



"I take 2 Zaca Chewables with a 12oz glass of water before I start any workout. During the summer months, I love to get outdoors and hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado! During the winter I hit the gym or take a hot yoga class. Taking Zaca before I start any exercise helps give my body the extra oomph I need to get going, but I often take a second pack after sweating to help my body recover."

 James Aleks, co-founder


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