Liver Aid Supplement: Two Best Herbs For Your Liver

Liver Aid Supplement

Your liver does so much more than people think, a lot of people don’t realize how important it is to keep your liver healthy.

The liver is the body’s filter and detoxifier, so if your liver isn’t working properly then it can lead to a lot of different health problems. 

Today we are going to share with you the two best herbs in a liver aid supplement for supporting your liver health and function.

Liver Aid Supplement: Two Best Herbs For Your Liver

What are the two best herbs for supporting your liver health and function? Drum roll please… Glutathione and Hovenia Dulcis!

Whether looking to improve your health, or help your liver with drinking alcohol and hangover -- this article will take a look at what these two herbs are and how they work so well to help your liver.

1. Glutathione for liver support

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps to detoxify and eliminate poisons and toxins in the liver, lungs, intestines and kidneys.

Glutathione is an important molecule for liver health, detoxifying cells and maintaining antioxidant levels. It has been used to treat poisoning and liver diseases.

Here's a few of the liver aid benefits shown in studies:

  • A study suggests that supplementing glutathione may improve liver metabolism and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The glutathione treatment also improved the ALT enzyme levels, which are found primarily in the liver and kidney.¹

  • Many factors that contribute to liver glutathione synthesis have been learned. The evidence suggests that glutathione synthesis is impaired in many cases of liver injury, and an abundance of evidence therefore suggests that impaired glutathione synthesis can lead to liver injury.²

  • Glutathione is known to help reduce the effects of alcohol toxicity and therefore help reduce hangovers. A study conducted by the University of Milan in 1986 found that glutathione had a significant reducing effect on acetaldehyde levels in blood alcohol and hepatic triglyceride levels. Acetaldehyde is more harmful than alcohol itself, and is shown to be a major culprit of causing hangover.³

2. Hovenia Dulci for liver support

Hovenia dulcis is one of the most beneficial herbs for liver health. Similar to Milk Thistle but instead in asian countries, this herb has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Studies have found that Hovenia Dulcis can be beneficial to liver health because it is rich in antioxidants which help to protect the liver from harm.

Here's a few of the hovenia duclis benefits shown in studies:

  • The study found that Hovenia Dulcis seeds could be a good natural antioxidant source with protective effects on oxidative diseases such as alcoholic liver injury. Hovenia Dulcis is shown to have hepatoprotective benefits, which is the abilty of a substance to prevent damage to the liver.⁴
  • Sun Jin Hur and other researchers found that extracts from the fruit of the Hovenia Duclis tree may help to prevent liver fibrosis.

  • Dihydromyricetin, a flavonoid extract from hovenia dulcis, was found to regulate the expression of proteins associated with liver regeneration.⁶

  • Dihydromyricetin (DHM) from hovenia dulcis was also found in a study to help metabolize acetaminophen. Therefore, could be a remedy for preventing liver damage.⁶

  • Lastly, hovenia dulcis has potential to be used to protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage. 

Overall Benefits of Liver Aid Supplement

Liver support supplements are a broad spectrum of herbs providing benefits for your liver.

Now that you see the studies and research behind two of the best ingredients, here's aditional benefits you may get from taking a liver aid supplement.

  • support the detoxification of the liver and kidneys

  • promote weight loss and increase metabolism

  • support alcohol detox and potential hangovers

  • promote liver health

  • improve the function of the liver

  • protect liver cells from being inflamed

  • promote liver-making bile to absorb vitamins

  • support the body's respiratory function

  • support the body's immune system function

As you can see the benefits of liver aid supplement derived from the two herbs is not just limited to cleansing and detoxifying. The health and liver benefits are numerous.

Liver support supplements now-a-days are available in different forms, including tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and sprays. At Zaca, we created the first chewable supplement that helps with liver aid.

Liver Aid Supplement Conclusion on Two Herbs

Liver Aid Supplement Zaca
If you want general liver health, want to combat some liver issues, or consume alcohol on a regular basis -- start taking these two herbs as a liver aid supplement.

Now that you’ve learned more about the potential benefits of two powerful herbs for improving liver function and all the research behind them -- you can start enjoying their health promoting benefits today!

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