6 Top Liver Support Tablets

Liver Support Tablets

By: Beth Rush
Managing Editor at Body+Mind

The body is a single unit. A malfunctioning liver will negatively affect body areas, complicating infections and resulting in co-existing conditions. A lot can go wrong if your bile-making organ isn’t in the best condition. High-quality liver support tablets can help restore its function.

Why Care for Your Liver

A minor liver disease can escalate to these few severe conditions: 

  • Increased Energy: Flush out substances that cause sluggishness.
  • Benign liver tumors: Cells or tissues grow abnormally and potentially result in cancer.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver: Commonly caused by alcohol, leading to alcohol-related liver disease and resulting in organ failure. 
  • Liver cysts: Abnormal sacs filled with fluid grow within the organ.¹

          Giving adequate care and attention to your liver ensures it stays in tip-top shape.

          Symptoms of Liver Problems

          Liver health can be tricky because diseases don't always show symptoms. Something could be happening inside your body without you experiencing pain, which means regular checkups should be a significant part of your annual health tracking.

          Watch out for these symptoms, as they may indicate irregularities in the organ:²

          • Your skin and whites of the eye turn yellow, indicating jaundice
          • You get bruises easily
          • Pain and swelling on the belly
          • Dark urine
          • Itchy skin
          • Swelling of the legs and ankles
          • Nausea and vomiting
          • Pale stool

          Follow your doctor’s recommendation on the frequency of checkups if you have a high risk for liver conditions. Visit your care provider if you experience any of these worrying symptoms.

          What Ingredients Make Good Liver Support Tablets?

          Here are some of the herbal supplements studied to enhance liver health.

          Milk Thistle

          This flowering herb contains a bioactive substance called silymarin. It may lower oxidative stress, improve liver cirrhosis and help it restore to normal functions.³ Liver support tablets with this formulation help the organ run like a well-oiled machine.


          This vibrant-colored root vegetable has betaine and antioxidants that may help prevent fat pooling in the liver area. In a study of participants with metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease, those who received beetroot supplements for 12 weeks had significantly decreased their liver enzymes and lipid profiles.⁴


          It surprisingly has liver protective effects. Dandelion has phytochemicals and antioxidants that may lower oxidative stress and various biomarkers of liver injury, such as AST, ALT and GGT.⁵

          Japanese Raisin

          This tree found in Asia contains dihydromyricetin (DHM), which also has liver protective merits and is considered an effective supplement based on research results. In an animal study, DHM consumption reduced triglycerides, liver steatosis and liver injury markers. Additionally, it improved alcohol-induced liver damage by changing lipid metabolism and suppressing inflammation.

          Most people need supplements because their diet doesn't provide enough vitamins and minerals for proper body functioning. However, a positive lifestyle is also required for a healthier liver. 

          Be sure to cut out alcohol, exercise, and drink more water. Aim to achieve sustainable wellness —  a well-being approach that uses tools and techniques to sustain holistic health for a long time.⁷

          6 Top Liver Support Tablets

          These supplements support the organ's optimal function and may help restore its vitality.

          6 Top Liver Support Tablets:

          1. Zaca Chewable Tablets

          As a berry-flavored chewable you can eat on-the-go, Zaca supports healthy liver function and recovery. Formulated with Japanese Raisin, the high amount of antioxidants can aid oxidative stress related to your liver. Rehydrate, replenish and revive your body fast.

          2. Liver Shield & Cleanse

          Each capsule of this herbal supplement contains milk thistle and a special concoction of other potent natural ingredients, like zinc, beetroot, dandelion root and turmeric. It's a 21-in-1 formula full of good stuff to support your liver's peak health and function.

          3. LiverMD

          This plant-based supplement contains siliphos milk thistle extract that is 10 times more absorbable by the body, ensuring the good stuff you ingest by mouth gets to the liver and improves it. It's a doctor-formulated powerhouse containing vitamin E, zinc and selenium, deserving of a spot in your nourishment pill box.

          4. New Leaf's Milk Thistle Supplement

          Get a year's supply of liver cleansing tablets at an affordable cost. Formulated with 2,000 milligrams of concentrated extract of raw milk thistle herb and 80% silymarin, this supplement can supercharge the liver and ensure it's running like clockwork. It's GMO-free and tested for harmful compounds and metals in labs, so you get high-quality and safe liver support tablets in your hands.

          5. Nature’s Craft Liver Support

          Another supplement loaded with milk thistle, dandelion root and artichoke extract ensures your hardworking organ is in the best shape. The combination of herbal ingredients can detox and support optimal function. Give your bile-producing organ the love it deserves with this all-natural and vegan product.

          6. Liverite Liver Aid

          These liver support tablets have a unique liver-boosting composition, consisting of vitamin B12 and other natural ingredients, giving the liver a good detox. Take note — this product isn't for you if you have food sensitivity to soy. However, it's all-natural, gluten-free and proudly made in the U.S. Taking this regularly will remove the impurities from the body and restore your energy so you can do your daily tasks. Support liver function with effective supplements.

          Boost Liver Health With Zaca Recovery Chewables

          Zaca Liver Detox Chewables

          Taking supplements can solve vitamin or mineral deficiency problems. For high-quality liver support tablets, look no further than Zaca Recovery Chewable. These sugar-free and gluten-free tablets are packed with DHM as one of the essential ingredients, along with glutamine, glutathione and prickly pear that can support better liver function. Besides fortifying and protecting, it keeps you hydrated and helps your body recover after exercise.

          Try Zaca chewable supplement today with premium liver support to increase your quality of life.


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