3 Best Pedialyte Alternatives

Pedialyte Alternatives

Pedialyte is a popular choice for electrolyte replenishment, but many have concerns over the formula for a variety of reasons. As a supplement company with over a decade of experience, we'll share with you the best Pedialyte alternatives.

Pedialyte Alternatives

While there's a variety of reasons people look for a Pedialyte alternative, too much sugar is a very common reason. Whether its parents giving Pedialyte to their kids, or using Pediatlye for hydration and recovery, having a clean and healthy formula becomes utmost important.

We'll provide you with four other alternatives that are healthier and cleaner than Pedialyte.

Health Concerns Over Pedialyte

While some of these Pedialytes ingredients help replace lost electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, there are specific health concerns related to some of them including sugar (dextrose) and artificial ingredients.

1. High Sugar Content

Pedialyte contains dextrose, a type of sugar similar to glucose. Due to this, each serving is loaded with 9 grams of added sugar.

High sugar content can be a concern, especially for children, losing weight, health conscious, and numerous other health conditions.

Sugar is the number one reason customers seek Pedialyte alternatives. Unless you're running marathons or doing extremely intense exercise, added sugar is a not a healthy part of a hydration formula.

2. Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, and Colors

Pedialyte contains artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors — many which are known to be potentially harmful.

Sucralose alone has been shown to negatively effect your gut microbiome which can decrease good gut bacteria, and even lead to inflammation.²

Acesulfame potassium (synthetic sweetener), artificial fruit flavor,  and artificial colors are among other ingredients that many experts would not consider to be healthy.

Overall, Pedialyte's formula is not the cleanest or healthiest. We believe there are much healthier and safer ways to hydrate, whether helping your kids when sick or recovering from a night out.

3 Best Pedialyte Alternatives

There could be several reasons for seeking Pedialyte alternatives. Whether preferring a more natural alternative with cleaner ingredients, or a solution with less sugar, we provide the best Pedialyte alternatives to give you robust results.

1. Zaca Chewables

As a top alternative to Pedialyte, Zaca Chewables were made by two brothers as a portable solution with a clean and healthy formula.

These chewables are packed with key amino acids including glutamine to enhance your body's ability to absorb water. Along with other naturally- occurring vitamins and antioxidants, Zaca has the strength to not only help hydration but aid in recovery.

They are particularly popular among individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle, such as traveling, high altitude adventuring, social drinking, and strenuous workouts.

Made with zero sugar and zero artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors — Zaca provides a clean and bioavailable formula. This also makes the chewables low carb and low calories, being keto-friendly and diet-friendly.

Even the natural berry taste is highly rated, with some customers highly preferring it over Pedialyte and without the hassle of mixing with water.

Directions: Eat 2-4 chewables a day, or as needed.


LMNT is an electrolyte supplement created by fitness enthusiasts.

With a strong emphasis on electrolyte balance, LMNT offers an electrolyte-only formula with three minerals including sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

It's designed to provide electrolyte replenishment without any sugar, and instead sweetened with stevia. LMNT also offers a range of unique flavors to suit different preferences including Chocolate Salt and Mango Chili.

Directions: Mix one LMNT packet with 16-32 ounces of water, using less water if you like it a more salty taste.

3. Cure Hydration

Cure Hydration is an innovative hydration solution that offers a natural approach without a low sugar content.

Rather than using any added sugar Cure uses coconut water powder as a sweetener, therefore having only 4 grams per packet versus Pedialyte's 9 grams.

High in sodium but with half the sugar as Pedialyte, Cure packets provide basic electrolytes and trace minerals. This is a bit more sustainable and natural alternative to traditional electrolyte drinks.

Directions: Mix Cure packet with 8-16oz of water. Shake or stir and then drink.

In conclusion, these three Pedialyte alternatives offer healthier, cleaner formulations with little to no sugar and less artificial ingredients.

What Can I Substitute For Pedialyte?

We would vote substituting Zaca for Pedialyte.

For example, the chewables have been commonly used by mothers to give to their kids as a replacement to Pedialyte, first due to them saying it tastes better, second due to it being a healthier formula.

Pedialyte Alternatives Comparison Chart

This chart compares the top alternatives to Pedialyte and how they differ.

Overall, Zaca shows to have the most versatile and robust formula, while all three Pedialyte alternatives are significantly cleaner in ingredients.

Zaca vs LMNT vs Cure vs Pedialyte

  Zaca LMNT Cure Pedialyte
Amazon Taste Rating 4.7 3.9 3.7 4.4
Hydration Support
Travel Friendly
Gluten Free
GMO Free
No Synthetic Vitamins
Take On-The-Go
Easy To Take  
No Synthetic Sweeteners  
No Synthetic Flavors  
No Synthetic Colors  
Recovery Support      
Liver Support
High In Antioxidants
Powerful Herbs
Sugar Free
Low Carb
Low Calories
No Water Required
Keto & Diet Friendly
Amino Acid Enhanced


Our Top Choice Alternative To Pedialyte

Alternative Supplement

Zaca chewables offer the ultimate hydration and recovery solution. These chewables are formulated with glutamine for amino-acid powered hydration support to enhance water absorption. With antioxidants, herbs, and other nutrients — you can replenish and revive your body fast. Made without any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Get effective results all from a tasty chewable in on-the-go packets that you can conveniently take anywhere, water not required. Just pop 2-4 chewables in your mouth, or as needed. Try Zaca's chewable supplement today to fuel your body with comprehensive hydration and recovery support.


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