Hydration Chewables

Brought to you by a leading brand in recovery, Zaca's hydration chewables are the fastest way to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Whether you're sweating buckets in the hot summer heat, on a run or out for an active weekend with friends, help keep your body hydrated with a pleasant taste that's sure to make you feel refreshed.

What Are Hydration Chewables

Zaca hydration chewables will help keep you going without the nasty side effects or added sugar of other products. Plus, they're just plain tasty!

These hydration chewables are packed with all the essentials to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. They're also made from natural ingredients that give you a boost, hydration enhancement and nutrient replenishment without caffeine or sugar. They contain antioxidants, herbs and amino acids so that you can stay hydrated all day long!

  • Rehydrate, replenish and recover faster
  • Packed with antioxidants, herbs and amino acids
  • Enhancement packed in easy-to-use tasty chewables

These little berry-flavored morsels are perfect for any time of day; throw some in your bag before heading to the gym or take them on your morning commute to get through the day.

Take On-The-Go Packets

Truly portable hydration to take anywhere! Each package of Zaca hydration chewables, also known as chewable electrolytes, contains 6 individually wrapped on-the-go packets of fast-acting hydration for adults and kids. Portable, convenient, never run out of replenishment when you're on-the-go. 

Take them where you need them. These little berry-flavored morsels are perfect for any time of day. They are chewable tablet-like chews that you can throw in your purse, gym bag, or car. Put them in your bag before heading to the gym or take them on your morning commute to get through the day.

Fight Dehydration

When the body loses more fluid than it takes in, dehydration can result. This can lead to headaches, tiredness and lethargy — things that many of us don't feel like dealing with when we're at work, out with friends or exercising. Hydration chewables and chewable electrolytes are key.

One of the most important things you can do to minimize running cramps while training is to stay properly hydrated. Other than proper training, staying hydrated also helps reduce muscle soreness. It takes time for muscles to recover after an intense workout. This makes proper hydration even more important with extended exercise sessions.

Zaca's Proprietary Formula

Zaca hydration chewables are made of natural ingredients and sweetened with xylitol and stevia. There are no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or synthetic stimulants.

Each packet of Zaca hydration chewables contains a combination of ingredients that are designed to help you feel your best. Formulated with full spectrum of antioxidants, herbs and amino acids to replenish what you lose when your body is enduring stress so you can get to feeling better faster.

  • Enhance Electrolytes: we use a blend of l-glutamine to help with hydration, water absorption, and overall muscle recovery.

  • Boost Antioxidants: utilizing japanese raisin and glutathione, antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress caused by intense workouts.

  • Increase Performance: more than other electrolyte-only products, glutamine and japaense raisin have anti-fatigue properties that can help with your performance and endurance.

Zaca Recovery Chews are made from all-natural ingredients to support your healthy lifestyle and maximize your performance.

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Zaca hydration chewables are a fast-acting, long-lasting, natural alternative to electrolyte sports drinks that help you hydrate + revive.