What To Put In A Hangover Kit: 3 Must-Haves

what to put in a hangover kit

What to put in a hangover kit? When you are in the throes of party-induced pain the following morning and want nothing more than death or at least something that will stop the pounding and nausea, there's a few things to have so you can survive and go on living.

If you’ve ever wanted a list of what key things you should have in your hangover kit, this is the article for you. There are a lot of articles out there with dozens of items to include in a hangover kit, but many of the items don't directly help the hangover. We’ll cover what the three most important things you should put in your kit---whether for a bachelorette party survival kit, bachelor kit, birthday hangover kit, wedding favor kit, party favor kit, or just a general hangover kit for any occasion.

3 Must-Haves To Put In A Hangover Kit  

hangover kit

If you’re like most people after a night out, you’ll start to feel the effects of a night of hard partying and have symptoms of a hangover. Hangovers are the worst. They make you feel miserable, physically, mentally and emotionally. After all, hangovers are the feelings you experience after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. This can be up to even a few days. You'll feel sick, include a pounding headache, nausea, and fatigue. On top of feeling terrible, your body is craving nutrients that it didn’t get during your heavy drinking session.

Hangover kits are like the first-aid kits of the alcohol world. They're not a cure-all, but they can help you feel better and recover from a hangover faster. While there are many different hangover kits on the market to help you deal with most of these symptoms, it can be hard to know what to include in your kit. We’ve noticed that many hangover kits include some very common items and others that aren’t necessarily items we would include. In this article, we outline the three items we feel are essential in a hangover kit, backed by science. 

1. Hydration / Recovery Packet

While dehydration is one cause of hangovers, alcohol has a diuretic effect on your body that leads to fluid loss and electrolyte imbalance. It's pretty self explanatory to drink lots of water, which can be included in a hangover kit too! However, a major key element is that the body needs assistance in nutrient replenishment to fully recover.

When drinking your body loses key electrolytes, major antioxidants including glutathione, and the liver gets overwhelmed trying to process all the alcohol which essentially is a toxin according to the body. It's the combination of these factors leading to the dreaded hangover.

Therefore, it's best to include a hydration or recovery packet that assists in electrolytes, adds more nutrients and antioxidants, and helps with liver support. 

PRO TIP: According to Wired, "what really causes hangovers: namely, that they’re an inflammatory response, like what happens when we get an infection. If the mechanism of hangover is an inflammatory response—as to a wound or illness—then maybe anti-­inflammatories are the way to dispel it. Jing Liang, started experimenting with herbs from her native China, beginning with the ones that traditional medicine claimed had an effect on alcohol. And she found one. Hovenia, she says.“ --- Based on this information, Hovenia Dulcis is a next-morning super hero to look for in a supplement as well.

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2. Protein Bar

When drinking a lot of alcohol, you're going to be starving when you wake up in the morning. You don't want to eat junk food or greasy food because that will make a bad situation worse. A protein bar is just the ticket for a hangover morning. A healthy protein bar can help refuel yourself with good protein, essential amino acids for proper bodily functioning, carbs, and nutrient boost you need to kick off the day and feel human again. It'll also help with hunger since most hangover symptoms are fueled by low blood sugar levels.


3. Caffeinated Coffee or Tea Packet

After a night out, you're going to be sluggish or sometimes completely exhausted. A dose of caffeine can drastically improve your morning!

Caffeine helps clear your head, gives your metabolism a kickstart, increases in blood flow especially around the brain, stimulates your central nervous system, and quickly boosts alertness and energy levels.

Coffee or tea are the best and quickest ways to get caffeine that's natural and pure. We recommend an instant coffee or tea packet, which fits perfectly in a hangover kit and you simply add water to it.

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In this article, we’ve covered the three must-haves of any hangover kit. There's many more items you could include, but we narrowed it down to the essential products that will help you recover after a night drinking and put you right in the path to feeling great again! So what are you waiting for? Gather up these items and make yourself a hangover kit today!

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