Wholesale Hotel Amenities Supplier: A Product That Guests Love

Wholesale Hotel Amenities Supplier

If you are running a hotel or resort, you are probably looking for practical and cost effective ways to boost customer satisfaction, improve your bottom line and increase revenues. Of course, the most important objective is to provide outstanding hospitality. So finding high-quality products that can easily enhance your customer experience is important. Today we'd like to talk about one specific product that makes a big difference for hotels & resorts, and helping their guests feel great: the zaca chewables.


Why Is Zaca A Must-Have Amenity Product For Hotels?

Zaca Hydration chewables have been a top offering in so many hotels & resorts because it maximizes guest's hotel experiences by feeling good --- providing a fast way for them to rehydrate, replenish and recover.

Guests can take the Zaca on-the-go in convenient packets when they need it most, whether at the hotel or along the rest of their trip. Zaca chewables help guests with a variety of situations including recovering from altitude, travel jet-lag, feeling sick, exercise recovery and even a few adult beveragesThis proprietary accelerates their recovery—so they can feel their best every day of their hotel stay.

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Here's 10 reasons to include Zaca Chewables in your amenities or store:

  1. Individual packets are very small to fit in amenities bags or on store counters.
  2. Enhance guests experience to feel good during stay.
  3. High profit margin with minimal space required to merchandise.
  4. Healthier alternative to sports drinks and powders loaded with sugar.
  5. Non-me-too, unique product guests won't find anywhere else.
  6. A natural option (or) compliment to Advil and Tylenol.
  7. Extra revenue when guests stock up on chewables for trip home.
  8. Tried and true product, no guesswork, Zaca has a 10+ year track record.
  9. The chewables help so many pain points for guests---like jet lag, altitude sickness, one too-many drinks, and general fatigue.
  10. As a family-owned company, zaca is a phone call or email away from any customer support you need.

Zaca Has Been a Wholesale Hotel Amenities Supplier For 10+ Years

We have been selling Zaca chewable in hotels, as a wholesale hotel amenities supplier, for over 10 years. All throughout the day, your guests are sensitive to the experience you provide them. You can enhance customers experience by giving them or selling them little extras that they will remember and appreciate. That's where Zaca chewables come into play, not only helpful but also unique where they cannot find in mainstream stores or convenience. 

Zaca Hotel Amenities Supplies Top Brands Across the US

At Zaca, we supply our chewable product to numerous hotels and resorts across United States.

Some resorts offer Zaca as a free hotel amenity kit to give away to guests --- such as:

  • Madeline Hotel & Residence (Auberge Resorts Collection Telluride)
  • The Little Nell (Aspen Colorado)

Other hotels resell Zaca in their gift shops, coffee shops, or rooms --- such as:

  • Fontainebleau Miami Beach
  • Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center
  • Viceroy Snowmass
  • The Jacquard
  • Gravity Haus
  • The Broadmoor
  • Vail Marriott Mtn Resort
  • Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, 
  • Hyatt Regency Orlando
  • Hyatt Regency Denver
  • Sheraton Dallas Hotel
  • Trump National Doral Miami
  • Grand Colorado on Peak 8
  • And many more

Looking for purchase Zaca chewables for your hotel? You can zaca buy wholesale online, read more about our product, or contact us to ask questions or get more info.