Bachelorette Survival Kit Bags
Do you have an upcoming bachelorette party? Do you want to get something unique and fun that they will actually use and love? Then these one-of-a-kind bachelorette survival kit bags are for you!

Zaca's survival kit bags the perfect little gifts for any type of bachelorette party -- be it a weekend in Vegas, a few days of spring break in Cancun, or a ski trip. And if that’s not enough, they make a great gift for brides-to-be—seriously!

Bachelorette Survival Kit Bags

  • Cute muslin bags
  • Small to fit anywhere (3"x5")
  • Drawstring to tighten
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Includes hydration + liver aid chewables the party will love
  • Enough room to add other small items 
  • Your party will thank you in the morning!

  • These bachelorette survival kit bags are specially designed to help girls get through their special night out by including our zaca hydration + liver aid chewables -- that helps you feel better faster. Whether the bachelorette crew needs to hydrate, have a daily pick-me-up, or some help after a night out -- these chewable tablets are there to help.

    Hydration + Liver Aid Chewables Included In Bags

    • Bachelorette party hero
    • Help you to feel better faster
    • Multi-purpose
    • Chic black packaging 
    • On-the-go packets to take anywhere
    • Science-backed formula
    • Great tasting berry flavor

    The bachelorette survival kit bags come in multiple colors to choose from. If you're looking for the perfect party bag or just a cute gift to give the bachelorette party, then look no further - these bachelorette survival kit bags are here to help!

    Bachelorette Survival Kit Bags