DHM Tablets
Looking for DHM tablets or Dihydromyricetin tablets? Founded in 2008, Zaca has been a premium supplement company with its flagship product the Zaca chewables, which are the best DHM tablets on the market. Discover what makes them different and what makes them the best.

DHM Tablets: Zaca

Zaca's chewable DHM tablets are a specially formulated, proprietary blend of DHM and other natural ingredients that provide a safe and effective way to rehydrate, replenish, and recover.

Being in a chewable form, its the easiest way to get your daily dose of this powerful DHM antioxidant. These advanced, and natural DHM tablets contain 1100mg of pure ingredients in each serving.

  • Potent formula
  • Easy-to-take
  • Fast-acting

Enjoy the recovery, liver supporting, and detoxification benefits of DHM. You cannot find DHM as premium, powerful, and fast-acting as in Zaca's chewable tablets.

DHM Derived From Japanese Raisin

Zaca is one of the first to bring DHM tablets to America by using a Japanese Raisin Tree extract, also medicinally known as Hovenia Dulcis.

DHM is naturally found in Japanese Raisin Tree extract. In fact, DHM supplements that isolate DHM may be losing benefits from this plant cherished in Asia for hundreds of years.

Sourced from local farms in South Korea, Zaca uses all the biologically active compounds including the fruit, seeds and peduncles from the Japanese Raisin tree.

  • Naturally derived DHM containing Japanese Raisin
  • Powerful synergistically active compounds
  • Sourced from farms

By using Japanese Raisin, you get the highest-quality and naturally available DHM from Zaca.

8 Ways Zaca's DHM Is The Best

At Zaca, we always strive to provide the best, highest quality product you can find. We believe our DHM tablets (Dihydromyricetin tablets) are the best on the market.

Learn 8 ways Zaca's DHM is the best:

1. Most Potent

Zaca is formulated with a simple, powerful 4-herb blend. On top of Japanese Raisin (containing DHM), this includes Prickly Pear, Glutathione, and Glutamine. With 1,100mg of ingredients per serving, this is a highly potent combination.

2. Fast-Acting

No other pill, powder or drink is as fast-acting as a Zaca's chewable tablet that you can take quickly when you need it most. Chewables are popularly known as the fastest way to supplement.

3. Highest Quality

Zaca sources only the highest quality ingredients from vetted suppliers in America and throughout the world. A proprietary extract of Japanese Raisin is used, farmed in South Korea, to get the best quality and naturally occurring DHM.

4. Pure Ingredients

Zaca's DHM-containing Japanese Raisin is a pure, natural extract from the tree. Free from colorants, gmo's, gluten, and artificial flavors or sweeteners.

5. Standardized

Using only the highest quality control in manufacturing facilities, Zaca's Japanese Raisin with DHM is standardized. This guarantees potency, reliability, consistency, and results in every batch by using the same nutrient profile.

6. Portable

Zaca's DHM tablets are uniquely packaged in water resistant, portable packets. Allowing you take Zaca on-the-go anytime you need it most, whether through the airport, in your luggage, in your pocket or purse.

7. Great-Tasting

Formulated over the course of 3 years, Zaca was diligent to make the best-tasting DHM tablet possible that customers rave about. Naturally flavored with mixed berry, and sweetened without sugar by using xylitol and stevia.

8. Backed By Science

Zaca sources the DHM-containing herb that is backed by science with numerous studies. In addition, is also KDFA approved for the liver and exercise.

From these eight reasons, you can see Zaca's dedication to providing the best, quality DHM.

Take DHM On-The-Go

Unlike other products that you have to mix, swallow or that are bulky, Zaca chewable tablets gives you fastest way to take DHM.

Convenient, portable packets allow you to bring Zaca anywhere you want.

From world travelers and athletes to weekend warriors and cocktail connoisseurs --- take Zaca on-the-go to be on at the top of your game.

Powerful Formula

Zaca if formulated with a powerful 4-herb combination of ingredients. 

This proprietary blend include these amino acids, herbs and nutrients:

  • Japanese Raisin (DHM-containing)
  • Glutathione
  • Prickly Pear
  • Glutamine

While most products contain isolated DHM or DHM only, Zaca provides a superior blend of supporting ingredients to create the best results.

How to Use DHM Tablets?

Simply take 2 chewable tablets as needed. For drinking, take 4 chewable tablets at bed.

Try Our DHM Tablets Today

Try Zaca chewable tablets for the highest quality, most reliable and fastest way to take DHM.