Dihydromyricetin Supplement

Zaca has been in business for over a decade and is the first to supply a dihydromyricetin supplement in chewable tablets. Whether going on a vacation, business trip, an upcoming wedding, or simply a night out with friends -- these chewables are a convenient way to feel better faster.

Zaca's Dihydromyricetin Supplement

Zaca is formulated to help your body:

  • rehydrate
  • replenish
  • recover

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a flavonoid found in the Japanese Raisin tree extract, which has been used for centuries in Asia for its many benefits. The difference between our supplement and others is that we use pure and potent form Japanese Raisin tree extract that contains DHM, but also the many other flavonoids and plant components. These compounds including dihydromyricetin are very powerful and beneficial to the body, and not often found in other products.

Also known as a Hovenia Dulcis supplement, Zaca is loaded with antioxidants, herbs and amino acids known to boost hydration and support liver aid whenever you need it most.

How Is Zaca Better

1. Zaca's provides a large dose, 1200mg of active ingredients per serving.

2. Zaca's blend uses the fruit, seeds and peduncle for the most powerful kind of Dihydromyricetin on the market.

3. Zaca's product contains no additional fillers, chemicals or additives.

4. Zaca's proprietary extraction process is standardized to assure the same quality in every dose.

5. Zaca's chewable is clean with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, gmo free, sugar free, gluten free, and diet friendly.

6. Zaca's Dihydromyricetin is 100% naturally derived from the Japanese Raisin plant.

7. Zaca is manufactured in a certified facility, which helps to ensure that it meets FDA standards. 

8. Zaca's formula is reinforced with extra synergistic ingredients like Glutathione and Prickly Pear.

Take On-The-Go Chewables

These chewables are easy to take anywhere. Let's be honest, sometimes you just don't have time to swallow a pill or mix a powder. You're on-the-go or out for the night and need convenient recovery. That's why we made our chewable tablets!

This is especially helpful when you’re looking for something to take with you on trips or when you don't have access to water. Simply take 2 chewables as needed, or if drinking take 4 chewables before bed.

Try Our Dihydromyricetin Supplement Today

Zaca's dihydromyricetin supplement is a fast-acting chewable to feel the results of this incredible herb.