Bachelor Party Survival Kit: Everything You'll Need

Bachelor Party Survival Kit

Looking for a bachelor party survival kit? If so, you have come to the right place. We’re going to look at all of the essential things that are needed for a great bachelor party and what is optional.

Not every groom-to-be or best man knows how to plan well. That is why our team of has made it easier for you to host an unforgettable bachelor party curating the best items to put in your bachelor party survival kit.

The ultimate list of bachelor party survival kit items to make your bachelor party a success!

Bachelor Party Survival Kit

Choosing a bachelor party survival kit for your best man is a great way of ensuring the groom knows you've got his back and supporting him through one of the most anticipated celebrations of his life. We have compiled some cool and funny gift ideas for a bachelor party survival kit that are sure to bring the laughs.

To start, we've complied a few bachelor party survival kit ideas:

1. Zaca Bachelor Party Recovery Kit

Bachelor Party Recovery Kit

This is the ultimate bachelor party recovery kit as it includes our Zaca hydration + liver aid chewables! In a nice muslin red cross bag, these are simple but effective and will leave the bachelors feeling good.

Our chewables help you rehydrate, replenish and recover faster -- a perfect match for your bachelor party weekend! Shop our bachelor party recover kits now.

2. Tin Box Bachelor Party Survival Kit 

Bachelor Party Survival Kit Tin Box

The bachelor party survival box tin is such a unique and sleek looking kit. Fun is guaranteed when this kit is brought out.

This can serve also as a great groomsmen gift. It comes in a variety of sizes, and you can buy them filled with essentials or empty. 

The filled tin box kit comes with 

  • bandaids
  • Pepto Bismol
  • shout wipe
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • stall mates wipe
  • Starbucks coffee packet
  • Tylenol
  • ear plugs
  • chewing gum
  • ear plug
  • condoms
  • toothbrush.

Suggestion: Add our hydration + liver aid chewables that'll help the bachelors feel better faster!

3. Golfer Bachelor Party Hangover Kit

Bachelor Party Survival Kit Golfer

Is the groom a golf lover, or headed to a golfing destination for the bachelor party? The Tee Bag kit will be a hit!

Personalize this golfer's bachelor party hangover kit with the grooms name as his last round. The tee bag kit comes in multiple sizes and over a dozen colors, so you can custom print one that fits his preferences best.

This is a DYI bachelor party survival kit, so you'll have to pick your own items to put in it. It's a perfect opportunity to add things like:

  • tees
  • golf balls
  • scroll below for more bachelor party survival kit ideas

Suggestion: Whether on the golf course or at the bar, add some zaca chewables to the kit for hydration and liver aid so everything can feel their best during the bachelor party.


4. Team Groom Hangover Kit

hangover kit

For the groom and groomsmen, having a bachelor party hangover kit is a must! These can be a great gift from the best man to the groom and groomsmen, or it might for the bachelor party weekend with all of his best friends!

Team groom is a DYI hangover kit, it does not come filled with essentials to recover from the hangover and night out. Make sure to read below the 10 bachelor party survival kit items ideas, or you can read our other article of what to put in a hangover kit.

Suggestion: Zaca chewables are a great to fit into these kits, helping the bachelor party feel better faster!

5. Bachelor Party Oh Shit Kit

Oh Shit Kit

You can add a touch of humor to the bachelor party with this Oh Shit Kit. Personalized with the grooms name and the date of the bachelor party, it'll not only help everyone survive but also leave them a bag to remember the epic bachelor party!

Made out of cotton canvas, you can order these bachelor party oh shit kits with a variety of color options and customizations. Even further, they will add essential bachelor party items into the oh shit kits at your request.

Suggestion: Even if you order them with the essentials, consider adding our hydration + liver aid chewables to help the party recover faster.




Bachelor Party Survival Kit Item Ideas

Whenever you hear the words bachelor party, it should be synonymous with fun. To keep the party going, we've put together a compressive list of the best survival kit items to keep the guys alive with maximal enjoyment.

1. Hydration Packets
Bachelor Party Survival Kit Hydration Liver Aid
Probably the most important of any on this list, our zaca hydration packets not only help rehydrate, they are filled with liver aid enhancing ingredients. Help the bachelors feel better faster after the night of shenanigans!

2. Mints or Gun
If anyone is going to be getting lucky later, they're going to want their breath to smell good. And no one wants a group of bad breath bachelors around them!
3. Bottle Opener
Bachelor Party Survival Kit Bottle Opener
Doing a pre-party before and bar and need something to open that bottle? Your bachelor party survival kit should include a bottle opener. This is also a great opportunity to personalize an item as a bachelor gift, and what better than a bottle opener hat everyone will use for years to come!

4. Shot Glasses
Whether the bachelor party going out on the town or to a destination like Las Vegas, it's important that you have plenty of shot glasses for tequila shots...or whiskey. Everyone will remember all those crazy bachelor party nights when they look at these shot glasses in the years ahead.

5. Beef Jerky 
What dude doesn't love beef jerky? Snacks will come in handy after a night out, or even before the big dinner, as we know men are always hungry.

6. Protein Bars 
Another addition to beef jerky, protein bars are another quick snack to fend off those hungry bachelors. It's also a great replenishment in the morning after the bachelor party big night out!

7. Mini Bottle of Liquor
A mini bottle of liquor is great for drinking anywhere or doing a toast to the groom-to-be! Pick one of his favorite liquor, tequila, whiskey or vodka -- or mix and match a bunch of different kinds and let the bachelors fight for or trade each other.

8. Koozies
Bachelor Party Survival Kit Koozies
What dude doesn't want to keep their beer cold? Koozies will delight the bachelor men. If you choose to personalize them, koozies are another perfect bachelor gift they can take home to always have memories from the bachelor party!

9. Sunglasses
On any good day in Vegas or wherever else you decide to have your bachelor party, sunglasses are essential. The sunglasses are for more than just protecting your eyes from the sun. Use them to protect yourselves from those moments that you just don't want to remember! (You know what I'm talking about.) After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… right? In all seriousness, these are clutch and quite the eye catcher if you get matching sunglasses for everyone.

10. Cigars
What grand celebration of sending your best friend off into marriage without cigars? A cigar in each bachelor party survival kit will make some happy men.


These lists and bachelor party survival kit ideas are able to help you in planning an epic bachelor party while also providing surviving essentials and rememberable items -- making the bachelor party one night (or trip) to remember.

Hydration is key for any bachelor party, shop here if you want to add our individually packaged hydration + liver aid chewables.