Top 6 Oh Shit Kits

Oh Shit Kits

If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid working on bachelorette party planning, you know that there are so many things to think about.

In addition to picking out the perfect location, date, and entertainment, you also have to consider the important party details like decorations, food & drinks, and gifts. And that’s where Oh Shit Kits for your bachelorette party come in.

Your Oh Shit Kits are one of the most important things you will pack for your bachelorette party. Trust me, you want to make sure that the party can go on no matter what happens!

After researching hundreds of bachelorette party survival kits, we curated for you the top 6 oh shit kits.

Top 6 Oh Shit Kits

It’s the night of your bachelorette party, you’ve got your squad all dressed up and ready to go, but before you get too far into the evening, there’s one more thing you should bring with you: an “Oh Shit Kit.” 

These kits are lifesavers in more ways than one. They have everything you need to make sure your crew survives the night—not just in a physical sense (aspirin, mouthwash), but also mentally and emotionally (inspirational quotes and mementos). And they come in handy even if no one ends up needing them. For example, if everyone goes home feeling great, then you can use the kit as a time capsule to remember that epic night.

If you're looking for the best bachelorette survival kits -- here are the top 5 oh shit kits that not only will help the bachelorette party feel good but something they can also take home for the memories.

1. Personalized Oh Shit Kits

oh shit kits

A bachelorette party is a bachelorette’s last hoorah before she starts a whole new life with the love of her life. And what better way to celebrate than with some cute personalized satin Oh Shit Kits that the bachelorettes can keep long after the festivities. These kits will be sure to make you and your gal pals feel as beautiful as they are, while also keeping them safe!

These personalized Oh Shit Kits are available in many other colors to match your theme and style, whether light pink or purple, gold or silver. These are DYI, at 6x9 inches in size, you feel fit plenty of essentials for your bachelorette crew. 

Looking for item ideas to include in your Oh Shit Kit? Check out our article on 28 things you need in your bachelorette survival kit.

Suggestion: Add our premium hydration chewable packets, perfect for oh shit kits and will fit any size bag.


2. Oh Shit Kit Pouch

oh shit kit pouch 

Reusable pouch style oh shit kits are my favorite because they remind me of a cute little clutch and are so handy to carry around. And, ladies, I know we're all guilty of carrying around our whole life in our purse. So why not toss one of these little beauties in there? Because you never know when you might need it!

These little oh shit kit canvas pouches are 7.5" x 5", small enough to fit anywhere but big enough to fill up with all your bachelorette hangover kit essentials. If you're struggling with what to put in a bachelorette hangover kit, for ideas of items visit our article on the 18 items that are great bachelorette hangover kit ideas.

Suggestion: Throw some of our zaca chewables in these pouches to help the bachelorettes feel better faster.


3. Basic Oh Shit Kit

 basic oh shit kit

These oh shit kits might be basic, but they look so good! Simple and clean, the bachelorettes won't be complaining receiving these these bags. Your pocket book won't either, affordable for the occasion that leaves you with more room to add bachelorette hangover kit items!

In sizes between 4"x6" to 8"x12", and over a dozen color options, there's little to be left in your ability to customize these basic oh shit kits to your liking. As DYI bags, make sure to read our 18 items for bachelorette hangover kit ideas.

Suggestion: Our hydration + liver aid chewables fit in these kits easily and will leave your crew feeling great.

4. Clean Oh Shit Kits

Oh Shit Kits Clean

Simple and clean oh shit kits that will fit any budget, these are even more affordable than the basic oh shit kits. Not only good as a bachelorette hangover kit, these can even come in handy as hangover kit wedding favors.

In just one color that fits any style, these clean DYI oh shit kits come with a few size options. To fill these little oh shit kits up, head over to read our 28 things you need in a bachelorette survival kit.

Suggestion: Add our zaca chewables to help enhance the bachelorette's experience!

5. Classy Oh Shit Kits

Oh Shit Kits Classy

With so many different versions of oh shit kits, our favorite ones are personalized with the bride-to-be name or a bachelorette crew nickname. These oh shit kits do the trick in a classy fashion. A little luxurious touch can go a long way! 

Not only can you personalize the bachelorette name, these classy oh shit kits come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit the look you want. Again, being DYI a bag, to help you can read our 18 items bachelorette hangover kit ideas.

Suggestion: Don't forget to add our hydration + liver aid chewables, the bachelorettes will thank you in the morning!

6. Zaca Oh Shit Kits

oh shit kits zaca

Last but not least, we make our own oh shit kits here at Zaca! Already filled with our hydration + liver aid chewables, these kits come in cute gold cross muslin bags. Classy enough to fit any preference, simple enough to go with any occasion --  these are the perfect oh shit kits for your bachelorette party!

Already filled with Zaca, you don't have to shop for more items on our bachelorette party kits. Although as a 3"x5" sized bags, if you wish to add more items, you can certainly fit some extra small items such as gum, lip balms or makeup wipes.


When it comes to celebrating the bachelorette party, one of the obvious must-haves is an Oh Shit Kit. A night out on the town provides plenty of opportunities for problems, and you want to be best prepared with everything for these situations. With that said, pick one of our six Oh Shit Kits to help make the bachelorette party experience unforgettable and pain-free: Personalized Oh Shit Kits, Oh Shit Kit Pouch, Basic Oh Shit Kit, Clean Oh Shit Kits, Classy Oh Shit Kits, or Zaca Oh Shit Kits.

If you'd like to add our hydration + liver aid packets to any of your Oh Shit Kits, you can buy them individually and in bulk. If you'd like to buy them assembled in kits, grab our oh shit kits styled with the elegant gold cross.