Hangover Anxiety Relief From South Korea

Hangover Anxiety Relief From South Korea

You probably didn't know that there is a natural alternative for an overnight hangover anxiety relief. It’s called Hovenia Dulcis, and it’s a fruit produced in South Korea.

Hovenia Dulcis or Japanese Raisin Tree is a traditional herbal remedy used in South Korea to treat hangovers including hangover anxiety, or hangxiety as it's called sometimes.

In this article we're going to review this South Korean hangover anxiety relief and why it helps.

What is Hangover Anxiety?

Hangover anxiety, or hangxiety, is a common condition that occurs in those who consume too much alcohol and start feeling anxious the next day. It typically begins within 12 hours of drinking and peaks at 24 hours. The symptoms can last for up to 72 hours.

Some of the symptoms include increased sweating, heart palpitations, restlessness, irritability, nervousness, dehydration, nausea and vomiting.

If you’ve ever experienced it, you know that it’s something more than just “feeling weird” or “not wanting to be around people.” Hangover anxiety can feel like a full-blown panic attack. 


What is Hovenia Dulcis From South Korea

In South Korea, people have been taking Hovenia Dulcis for centuries to treat hangovers. This is from the fruit of a tree called the Raisin Tree.

Some studies have shown that the fruit has certain properties that help reduce inflammation and other oxidative stress on the body. The fruits are small and round and about the size of a raisin or grape. They are also known as “Oriental Raisins” and as “Japanese Raisin Trees” and are native to China, Japan, and Korea.

The fruits of the Hovenia Dulcis tree have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. 

Li Shizhen, one of the greatest physicians, pharmacologists, and naturalists in Chinese history, was one fo the first to document Hovenia Dulcis in an encyclopedia of Chinese herbal medicine.

Hovenia Dulcis is commonly used in South Korea as an herbal remedy against hangovers. It is also used in traditional medicine to treat diarrhea, colds, fever and urinary issues. In China it is used to treat issues with digestion such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea or indigestion.

What Makes Hovenia Dulcis So Good For Hangover Anxiety Relief

This is how to help hangover anxiety with hovenia duclis.

The liver is the organ that eliminates various toxic substances from the blood.  When these substances build up, they can cause a number of health ailments, and excessive alcohol intake is one of them. Alcohol turns into acetaldehyde, which is up to 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself. This can lead to hangover anxiety or other unpleasant conditions such as headache and nausea.

If you have symptoms like these, hovenia dulcis from South Korea may be able to help your liver eliminate toxins that cause hangovers to also help hangover anxiety relief.

Many of these hangover anxiety relief benefits have been found in research to stem from DHM (dihydromyricetin), which is a natural flavonoid within hovenia dulcis. Although there's many dihydromyricetin (DHM) benefits, potential hangover anxiety relief has been scientifically studied.

Here's what the research shows how Hovenia Dulcis can be used for hangover anxiety relief:

  • Prof Jing Liang, and her team at the USC School of Pharmacy, studies revealed that DHM was found to have an anxiolytic effect, meaning that it reduced anxiety levels.³

  • This herb have been known to have unique effects to improve GABA levels in the brain, or otherwise known as Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, which is one of the many neurotransmitters that helps calm down the brain.¹

  • The University of Southern California School of Pharmacy found that DHM has the ability to lower anxiety levels by reducing neuro-inflammatory changes.²

  • DHM (dihydromyricetin) has been proven to improve mood, stress, and anxiety.²

As you can see, the research is highly evident how to get rid of hangover anxiety with Hovenia Dulcis and use it as a hangover anxiety reliever.

How to Take Hovenia Dulcis For Hangover Anxiety Relief

Hangover anxiety is a terrible thing! Here’s how to take hovenia dulcis for hangover anxiety relief.

First, you need to buy hovenia dulcis extract as a supplement. You can buy hovenia dulcis extract in various supplement forms such as pills, powders, and as we make it here at Zaca, in chewable tablet form.

The key to using hovenia duclis for hangover anxiety relief is to take it before bed. During is sleep is when your GABA is highly disrupted from alcohol, symptoms of a hangover start to develop, and anxiety can build up. 

If you take hovenia dulcis while drinking and before bed, you will add sufficient protection and relief of hangover anxiety and even potential hangover preventing benefits.

Final Thoughts

Hovenia Dulcis can be used as an anxiety remedy and helps relieve hangover symptoms. Most people that use it will be amazed at how Hovenia Dulcis can make them feel relaxed while also helping to improve overall health. Anybody looking for natural hangover relief will want to consider using this herb.

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