How To Cure Hangover Anxiety (Reddit)

How To Cure Hangover Anxiety Reddit

Don’t let a hangover anxiety ruin your day.

Hangovers combined with anxiety, coined hangxiety, are extremely unpleasant – they make you feel physically awful and can even leave you irritable and anxious.

We scoured the internet to find the best reddit answers on hangxiety so you don't have to! We'll show the best ideas, tips, and tricks found on reddit for how to cure hangover anxiety.


How To Cure Hangover Anxiety (reddit)

If you're searching "how to cure hangover anxiety reddit", you've come to the best spot. We've saved you the time to search and have curated the best answers to this question.

Everyone knows or has experienced what it feels like to be hungover. Hangover anxiety is one of the most common and unpleasant side effects of drinking. 

Here's the best answers we found on how to cure hangover anxiety on reddit:

  • This happens to me too. you should look up S.T.O.P. Method for anxiety, it helps you stop your mind from racing and negative thoughts. It really works for me when I’m beating myself up over something stupid I think I did while drinking.
    - pargenson

  • Try 5-htp?
    - ErnestWorthing

  • I get these all the time. N-Acetylcysteine, taken before drinking, and sometimes after, can help with some effects of hangovers. These can be found in any supplements store/pharmacy. It could be placebo effect for me, however, but there is some evidence that it could help a bit. A big one day after drinking though, is B12. Look for 1000mg, and I recommend the strips that dissolve under your tongue for quick relief and efficacy. B12 has proven energy boosts. Potassium and salt are also good, as you lose a lot of electrolytes, along with the dehydration, from drinking. Drinks like Gatorade may help a little, but I find that there is too much sugar and not enough with the electrolytes to really help. To be honest, one of my favorite things to drink in the morning after, is V8(spicy for me, because I like the little burn involved). It has plenty of potassium and salt, and I always feel better after chugging some. Vitamin C and lots of water while you're drinking also helps immensely. I typically drink a glass of water per drink or 2. You'll end up making many more trips to the bathroom, but you'll feel better for it.
    - Skiceless

  • Hangxiety! If it’s a persistent problem, maybe try drinking less when you go out. If this happens, get the confirmation from your friends that everything is okay. Once you do that, get your energy up and do something. Anything. Go grocery shopping, online shopping, get lunch, workout, cook a meal. Whatever it is, just go do something and get your mind off it.
    - wildchickonthetown

  • Now one thing is it is a common thing to have anxiety after your drinking. Drinking a lot (maybe not eating) raises your blood pressure, lowers appetite. Blood pressure changes can have an immense amount of affect physically and psychologically.

    However, I believe the panic attacks are stemming from something more than the drinking. Try to figure out the root cause of the panic attack. Take a break from drinking and see if there are other triggers. Some natural things you can do to help detox and reduce the anxiety is take magnesium before you go to bed, be sure to take a vitamin B supplement during the day. Take something to lower your blood pressure, which will act as beta blocker for your brain.
    - GediQueen

  • This is a very logical reaction. Ethanol is a CNS depressant, so in that aspect it works similarly to a benzodiazepine tranquilizer (like Valium or Xanax). It mellows you out. However, once a sedative, be it medical or alcohol, wears off, it's very common to experience rebound anxiety. I suppose this could happen to anyone, but the effect would be especially felt by people who are prone to anxiety issues in the first place.
    - djmont

  • I get the same thing. Even just a couple glasses of wine will kickstart anxiety in the morning. Leading to a really shit sleep waking up early with it. And a day of fidgeting and heart tremors.

    Two things I found help

    - Spike your blood sugar. If you're hypoglycemic after drinking its very likely the alcohol is causing your GI to drop. Two or three glasses of orange juice in the morning seems to take the edge off quite a bit for me.

    - L-Theanine. It's an over the counter, amino acid derived from green tea leaves. Has a calming effect that is almost immediate. Fixes blood pressure, puts you in a relaxed state, and also helps digest alcohol faster
    - TAPEWlRM

  • It is withdrawal, because after your brain is flooded with GABA from the alcohol, the alcohol also depresses your ability to produce glutamate. Your brain tries to correct the balance by overproducing glutamate and lowering GABA. This means lots of anxiety or “hangxiety” (as the kids are calling it these days). There really isn’t a cure, you can try supplementing but alcohol is still going to affect your brain chemistry.
    - MoistButton8

  • Thats alcohol induced anxiety it happens after a night of heavy drinking. I struggle with anxiety pretty much my whole life I have really good days and some really bad days and oh boy does alcohol make me so much worse after a night of heavy drinking.

    Some things that I do to get over it is to take deep breaths to calm myself, eat a good meal, drink plenty of water, and smoke CBD. I always make sure I have CBD before I get stupidly drunk.
    - Dank_Abra

How To Cure Hangover Anxiety With One Natural Ingredient

Although some helpful solutions from on reddit for how to cure hangover anxiety, there's little to no science backing the suggestions.

But there is a natural ingredient that may be able to cure your hangover anxiety and other negative effects of alcohol -- it's DHM (dihydromyricetin).

DHM (dihydromyricetin) is extracted from the plant Hovenia Dulcis, which is found to grow natively throughout eastern parts of Asia. Used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as an herbal remedy, this natural ingredient is the go-to for liver related conditions.

With the numerous DHM (dihydromyricetin) benefits, here's two reasons it might be your solution to how to get ride of hangover anxiety:

  1. University of Southern California School of Pharmacy found that DHM can decrease neuro-inflammatory changes that come from anxiety. It discovered that DHM has anxiolytic properties and can be used to reduce anxiety.¹

  2. Research also shows that DHM may help to reduce the symptoms of a hangover, such as nausea and headaches, by lowering the amount of acetaldehyde in your body.³

With so much science behind it, no longer do you have to search for how to cure hangover anxiety on reddit. DHM (dihydromyricetin) could be the ultimate anxiety and hangover prevention formula -- the exact solution to what you've been searching for!

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