Five L Glutamine Benefits For The Gym

L Glutamine Benefits Gym

L-Glutamine has been gaining notoriety in the fitness industry as of late and it's no wonder why, this amino acid is great for a variety if reasons. Here's what you need to know about L glutamine benefits gym and your workout!

Five L Glutamine Benefits Gym

When it comes to building muscle, glutamine is one of the most undervalued supplements on the market. L glutamine benefits for the gym can't be ignored. From reducing muscle soreness to boosting your immune system, learning about glutamine can make a big difference in your gym performance.

Here's seven L glutamine benefits for your gym workouts:

1. Promotes Muscle Growth

It plays an essential role in muscle growth. Glutamine plays a vital role in muscle protein synthesis, the process by which your body turns protein into muscle growth, and muscles grow bigger and stronger after exercise.

If you're working out intensely on a regular basis and want to build muscle, L glutamine benefits gym are critical. It's important to have enough glutamine in your body so that this process can take place effectively.

Glutamine helps fuel your muscles by boosting protein production and transporting metabolism. In addition to promoting muscle growth, it also helps you retain muscle mass when you're cutting calories or increasing aerobic exercise.

2. Improves Recovery Time.

Glutamine supports your immune system and improves your recovery time after a workout by reducing inflammation in muscles and joints. 
Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and also play an important role in metabolism. One common use for glutamine supplements is to improve recovery post-workout.

One study on sixteen people found that glutamine supplementation showed faster recovery and decreased muscle soreness after working out.² The individuals who supplemented with glutamine experienced better recovery after a strenuous workout than those who did not supplement with glutamine.

3. Reduces Fatigue.

L glutamine can reduce fatigue in athletes and increase endurance during physical activity by reducing the amount of ammonia that builds up in the blood.¹ Proving L glutamine to be be anti-fatigue for gym workouts.¹

Other studies have shown that glutamine can also help preserve glycogen stores in the muscles, which means that your body has more stored energy for working out.

4. Aid Muscle Repair.

Glutamine aids in muscle repair by fueling cells involved in cell growth and regeneration.  When you train hard, you break down muscle tissue and deplete your energy stores (glycogen). Glutamine boosts glycogen replenishment and promotes protein synthesis.

It also helps you retain muscle mass by preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue. You can read our other article if you're not sure whether "should I take L glutamine before or after a workout."

5. Boost Performance.

Glutamine helps you perform better during workouts by boosting energy levels by improving the efficiency of carbohydrate utilization to prevent depletion of glycogen stores.

On a study on basketball players, L-alanyl-L-glutamine (AG) which is a dipeptide form of L glutamine, was shown to improve skill performance and reaction time better than water alone. This benefits were likely attained by enhanced water and electrolyte absorption.³

In summary, L glutamine benefits gym are hard to ignore for workouts. From promoting muscle growth, improving recovery time, reducing fatigue, aiding muscle repair, and boosting performance -- L glutamine is an essential addition for gym workouts and extensive exercise.  Read more if you want to find the best L glutamine or best L glutamine supplement.

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