Best Low Carb Chewable Vitamins: Zaca

Low Carb Chewable Vitamins

We founded Zaca in 2008 and always strived to create the healthiest, and highest quality products possible. We'll share with you why we think Zaca has the best low carb chewable vitamins and is an ultra-low carb solution.

How Zaca Is One Of The Best Low Carb Chewable Vitamins?

Whether you're on a low-carb diet or strictly following keto, Zaca offers one of the best low carb chewable vitamins options. They are fast-acting, taste great, very low carb, and come with a powerful blend of health benefits.

One packet of Zaca, equivalent to 2 chewables, only contains 2g of carbohydrates.

Many products, including Liquid IV at 12g of carbs, contain much higher amounts of carbohydrates.

The keto diet limits the average person to 50g of carbs a day to reach ketosis, making Zaca much more keto friendly solution for hydration and recovery.

Lastly, Zaca does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavors that will kill your diet. Zaca chewables are naturally sweetened with xylitol and stevia, well known in keto dieting circles, and have a delicious-tasting berry flavor.

For these reasons, we believe Zaca is one of the best low carb chewable vitamins options, and is also listed in the best hydration tablets.

Zaca's Strong Low Carb Chewable Formula

Zaca has a formula that includes a perfect balance of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from Prickly Pear extract, along with natural herbs, antioxidants, and amino acids.

This low-carb formula helps your body rehydrate, replenish and recover fast.

Made with 4 essential ingredients, discover these synergistic benefits:

1. Glutamine
Best known in athletic circles, Glutamine helps increase hydration and electrolyte intake.

2. Prickly Pear
Used traditionally in Mexico, Prickly pear is a treasured cactus known to naturally contain vitamins, minerals and flavonoids.

3. Glutathione
Popularly called the body's "master antioxidant, Glutathione supports the immune system, detoxification, and fighting oxidative stress.

4. Japanese Raisin
Cherished in Asia since the Tang Dynasty, Japanese Raisin is hailed for its liver supporting benefits.

    This robust combination of ingredients with a low carb count will help you hydrate and feel your best while staying on track in your keto diet.

    Low Carbs, No Sugar, No BS Ingredients

    Our Zaca chewables (also referred to as chewable electrolytes) are low in carbs, contain zero sugar (sugar free hydration packets), and are made without any other BS ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or fillers.

    Our company Zaca was founded on producing the healthiest and highest-quality solutions. We stand by our product and guarantee satisfaction, or your money-back.

    Low Carb Chewable Vitamins vs Low Carb Gummy Vitamins

    It may seem like a subtle difference, but low carb gummy vitamins are a lot different than low carb chewable vitamins. Zaca is made as a low carb chewable vitamin for reasons including it's healthier, it's sugar free, and it does not contain the the same components used to make candy.

    • Low Carb Gummy Vitamins

      Vitamin Gummies are usually made out of corn syrup, gelatin, starch, and sugar. These ingredients are normally used to create the gummy texture and taste. We believe these type of unhealthy ingredients should not be combined in a vitamin that claims health benefits. In addition, starch and sugar add unnecessary carbs. Gummy vitamins also require a heating process which can negatively effect vitamins and active ingredients.

    • Low Carb Chewable Vitamins

      Zaca is made in a chewable tablet form, which does not require corn syrup, gelatin, starch or sugar. The tablets are compressed using active ingredients, where the syrup component is not needed. Naturally sweetened without sugar, Zaca uses Xylitol and Stevia. This process also allows Zaca to use a stronger formula with more active ingredients in our tablet, which is limited in a gummy.

    THE VERDICT: We believe Zaca provides a much better and healthier solution via a low carb chewable vitamins process. No harmful or unhealthy ingredients used such as corn syrup and sugar. This also allow us to pack more ingredients to make a more powerful chewable tablet, vs other gummy vitamins.


    Zaca's Low Carb Chewable compared to Low Carb Gummy Vitamins

      Zaca's Low Carb Chewable Low Carb Gummy Vitamins
    Low Carb
    Contains Vitamins
    Naturally-Derived Formula
    No Corn Syrup
    No Starch
    No Sugar
    No Artificial Flavors
    High Dosage
    2g Carbs or Less
    No Fillers


    Try Zaca's Low Carb Chewables Today

    Low Carb Chewables
    Zaca's low carb chewables are the perfect way to rehydrate, replenish, and recover — while maintaining a low carb diet! These tiny, tasty and fast-acting chewables will give you a boost of nutrients that you need on-the-go. Formulated without the sugar, and instead using keto-friendly xylitol and stevia. Try Zaca's low carb chewables today and feel your best.







    How Many Carbs Can You Eat A Day On Keto?

    The ketogenic diet (keto) is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan. It generally restricts carbs to less than 50g per day.  While Keto has grown to be the more popular low carb diets, others include Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, and the Mediterranean Diet with various carb limits. At 2g per serving, Zaca's ultra-low carb chewables will help you reach your keto goals.

    How Much Zaca Do You Take A Day?

    Most customers take 1-2 chewables a day for everyday use like taking a vitamin. For more intense usages, like traveling, intense exercise or drinks, take 2-4 chewables as needed. Each chewable only contains 1g of carbs!



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