Supplements For High Altitude: Zaca

Supplements For High Altitude

With high altitude comes many problems. If you are planning a trip to the mountains, you will want to take the best supplements for high altitude. We'll review our Zaca supplement for high altitude and how it can save your trip.

Supplements For High Altitude: Zaca

The air is thinner with less oxygen at high altitudes. It's harder to breathe, and your body has to work harder to get oxygen. Furthermore, respiration increases and climates are dryer in high altitudes, causing the body to loose fluids faster leading to dehydration. As a result, we may feel more fatigued and experience other symptoms associated with altitude sickness.

That's why it's important to take supplements for high altitude like Zaca before you go up in elevation. Zaca's supplement for high altitude helps your body rehydrate and recover faster, all compact in a chewable tablet. It is a great option if you are an athlete or just want to feel your best.

This supplement is made from natural ingredients that support your body with the essential antioxidants, herbs and amino acids it needs to adapt to the change in elevation. First popularized in Colorado, visitors from around the world use it when visiting the Rocky Mountains high altitude destinations.

What Makes Zaca The Best Supplement for High Altitude?

Zaca is the world's first chewable supplement for high altitude. That, among many things about this supplement makes it stand out from other altitude supplements on the market.

Here's 8 reasons Zaca is one of the best supplements for high altitude:

1. Created in fast-acting chewables for quick and easy results.

2. Packaged in portable packets you can take on-the-go.

3. Natural, safe and effective ingredients.

4. Great tasting chewables that are kid-friendly too.

5. Science-backed ingredients that are clinically tested for high altitude.

6. Formulated to help the body rehydrate, replenish and recover.

7. Made with clean ingredients free of anything artificial, gmo-free and gluten-free.

8. Contains powerful antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress caused by high elevations.


Most Effective High Altitude Ingredients

Before you spend your hard earned money on supplements for high altitude, find out if the product is backed by science. Zaca is formulated with 3 key ingredients with studies for preventing altitude sickness or other high altitude related benefits.

These high altitude effective ingredients in Zaca include Glutathione, Glutamine and DHM. Here is the science behind these most effective high altitude ingredients:

  • Glutathione - Research shows that Glutathione is depleted by up to 45% in high altitudes.¹ As the body's master antioxidant, Zaca includes this key amino acids to replenish Glutathione levels and fight off high altitude free radical damage.
  • Glutamine - A Brazilian study shows Glutamine to improve mood and cognition decline from high altitudes.² Along with its hydration benefits, Zaca's formula utilizes Glutamine to fuel the body during high altitude stress.
  • DHM - A flavonoid derived from the Hovenia Dulcis plant, DHM to proven to enhance high altitude physical performance.³ This high altitude herb completes Zaca's synergistic formula for fast, effective results.

The combination of these effective herbs for altitude adjustment give you body the ability to thrive in high altitude conditions.

Try Zaca's High Altitude Supplement

High Altitude Supplement
Zaca's high altitude supplement provides you with the nutrients and herbs you need to protect your health when you travel or train at high altitudes. Improve your body's ability to perform better, work harder and feel stronger in the mountains. Loaded with Glutathione, Glutatmine and DHM, fuel to your body to fight off high altitude stresses. Take 2 chewables each day leading up to your high altitude trip, and 2 chewables each day during your visit. Try Zaca's chewable tablets today and power your high altitude trips.



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