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November 07, 2017


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Top 6 Tips To Using Zaca Chewables

recovery chewables hangover

A couple tips to maximizing Zaca recovery chewables next time you use them! 

  1. Place them on your pillow before your night out.
    That way you won't forget to take them before bed!  Some even prefer taking all 4 tablets at that time.

  2. Drink 12 oz. of water after eating them.
    Not required, but it will maximize results by enhancing ingredients and hydration.

  3. Mix Zaca in your smoothie for the ultimate recovery the next morning!
    Try our coconut berry-banana smoothie recipe.

  4. Take at least 4-6 tablets for extreme situations!
    For high altitude exposure, extreme exercise (marathons) and long nights out it's best to take at least 4 tablets.  You could safely take 6 packs in a day (if you wanted!).

  5. Keep out of high heat.
    The packaging advises storage at 59-86°F so the chewables don't get hard.

  6. Store a couple packs in things such as your purse or wallet.
    You'll thank yourself to have Zaca in last minute situations when you need it the most!



Zaca + Drizly = Feel Great Mornings To Your Doorstep

drizly launchWe have launched with Drizly to make Zaca available at a few clicks on your phone! Drizly is the easiest way to get beer, wine, liquor and extras delivered right to your doorstep with their phone app or online store.  No markups, you pay the same of what you'd pay at the store. Use the following coupon to get free delivery! Coupon Code: ZACA Right now we are available on the Drizly Denver app.  If you live in Denver take a look at the Drizly delivery coverage map.  It covers most of Denver metro areas and constantly expanding.
June 04, 2014


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Zaca Now Availble On Amazon in Europe

amazon europeThis year we have worked hard to get our Zaca Recovery Patches available in new countries.  International shipping can be costly and we know that's been a concern of many customers outside the US. We've recently setup fulfillment with  Zaca is housed in the UK and is available via amazon's fast and inexpensive shipping to countries across Europe, as well as Amazon Prime!  Get product within days or even free if you have Prime. Click here to buy Zaca Recovery Patches on Here's a list of the countries that can order:
  •     Germany
  •     France
  •     Spain
  •     Italy
  •     Belgium
  •     Luxembourg
  •     Netherlands
  •     the Republic of Ireland
  •     Portugal
  •     Austria
  •     Bulgaria
  •     Cyprus
  •     Czech Republic
  •     Denmark
  •     Estonia
  •     Finland
  •     Greece
  •     Hungary
  •     Latvia
  •     Lithuania
  •     Malta
  •     Poland
  •     Romania
  •     Slovakia
  •     Slovenia
  •     Sweden
If you have any questions about getting product internationally just leave us a comment or email us.  

Zaca Brothers Present to Entrepreneurs at 1 Million Cups

zaca at 1millioncups-2You might be wondering what 1 Million Cups is. We think it's one of the coolest ways to engage with entrepreneurs and businesses locally.  Two companies present a week, 6 minutes at a time, and then get 20 minutes of feedback and questioning.  Both the entrepreneurs presenting and the audience get a great deal of value in the presentations.  We presented earlier this month, and we got a LOT of insight and resources. It's just another thing we love about Denver, it has become a new hub for startups.  Just recently Entrepreneur Magazine wrote "Move over, Silicon Valley. Colorado is building some serious startup swagger.", listing 4 of the top 10 cities in Colorado for most tech startups.  Yes it's listing tech, but combine that with Colorado being a mecca for health, it makes a great combo for companies like ours.   1Millioncups tweetchristian tweetsamantha tweet        
October 02, 2013

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How the Monsanto Protection Act was Crushed

Fotolia_55628520_XSDespite the overwhelming public support for GMO labeling legislation, the Monsanto Protection Act threatened to let biotechnology and agribusiness giants like Dow Chemical and Monsanto to continue to enjoy immunity from lawsuits regarding GMOs. Fortunately, the act didn't survive-- but what crushed the Monsanto Protection Act? The act itself originally slipped through quietly because it was attached to another piece of legislation. In the beginning of this September, House Republicans released a continuing resolution that included an extension of the act. If it had passed, it would have allowed GMOs to be freely cultivated and sold despite their potential risks to public health, the environment, and adjacent farms that grew non-GMO crops. That means that even if evidence is found inextricably linking GMOs to chronic health problems, or environmental or economic damages, the USDA would be forced to allow them to continue to be planted, sold, and used. If that sounds scary, it should. Fortunately, the measure met with enough opposition that it was axed from the Senate spending bill. Opponents of the act, like Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, led online petitions to give a voice to the members of the public that similarly opposed the bill. While initial attempts to kill the Monsanto Protection Act were unsuccessful, legislators have chosen to ensure that it will finally expire at the end of the month. Arguments against the act indicate that there is evidence that the transgenic proteins in GMOs have been found in human blood cells (including the cells of pregnant women and their fetuses), and they may be responsible for allergies, organ damage, and other health problems. Other arguments implicate GMO crops in things like bee die-offs and the growth of "superweeds." Therefore, they feel that GMOs should not be given carte blanche to be grown and sold. Arguments in favor of GMOs claim that there is not enough evidence that GMOs cause harm, and legislation limiting their use is "antiscience." Regardless of whether GMOs are harmful, it's never good to give someone immunity from the law. Hopefully, this push to limit Monsanto's immunity will herald success for things like GMO labeling legislation, and increased research into the long-term harm to humans and the environment from transgenic proteins.  
September 25, 2013


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Tell a Friend, Get Free Zaca

tell-a-friend-get-free-zaca-patchesWe really love when people spread the word about us (of course any company should!).  As the least we can do as an act of appreciation, for every friend you refer that orders* product online we'll send you a free six-pack box of Zaca patches. To be honest, that's been the biggest contributing factor to the growth of our company...our fans and everyone sharing the love.  We don't believe much in having advertisements, billboards and spending big budgets (like the big corporate guys) to to convince people in trying our product.  Instead, we believe that consumers are very intelligent and if we can create awesome products that they will gravitate towards them and share if they believe the same. The we HAVE to create awesome products. What is awesome to us?  We think it's high quality, innovative, different, positive impact, fun, results driven, safe, healthy and what most companies forget...listening to our customers to cater to them.  We spend an incredible amount of time on each of those and more. If you ever have feedback for us please don't hesitate to let us know.  And if you have told any friends that ordered, drop us an email so we can send you your free product!  
 *orders must be on

Zaca Officially Launches Aspen

Aspen Colorado is widely known as the Rocky Mountain playground of the rich and famous.  It is consistently rated as one of the world's top ski areas by many publications.  The four ski resorts in the area are Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass.  Travelers are also drawn to Aspen because of its small-town charm and cultural scene.  You can meet anyone from art aficionados to outdoor enthousiasts to wine connoisseurs, hit Aspen's hot-spot restaurants, and attend high-profile events like the Food & Wine Classic and X Games.
As you can see from our most recent visit, the scenery is dense with golden aspen groves just as the town prepares for tourist season starting close to Thanksgiving.
Zaca's flagship store, Carl's Pharmacy out of Aspen, has been selling the Recovery Patches for years almost since the inception of our product.  They are the one-stop-shop for all the travelers and locals of Aspen, everything from perfume and hair dye to supplements and liquor.
We are now making Zaca available in many other places in Aspen and surrounding areas.