Altitude Adjustment Packets: Zaca

Altitude Adjustment Packets

These altitude adjustment packets are perfect for when you're traveling  -- whether it be to the mountains to ski, a mountain resort or a high altitude trek. Zaca chewables in altitude adjustment packets are a natural and effective solution for high-altitude travel, as proven by decades of scientific research.

Take On-The-Go Altitude Adjustment Packets

Zaca is a convenient way to fuel your body on-the-go for altitude adjustment when you're traveling. The packets, that contain two chewables each, are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or luggage so they're easy to carry with you as you travel.

Since these altitude adjustment packets can be easily taken on the go, they are an ideal solution for those who need quick relief when:

  • mountaineering
  • mountain treks
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • high altitude running
  • other altitude sports
  • climbing and hiking
  • airplane flights
  • general high altitude travel

Unlike many other altitude products that are in hard-to-take canisters, bottles, pills, or powders, Zaca's altitude adjustment packets in chewable form can be taken anywhere.

Tasty Chewables That Deliver Results Fast

Flavored naturally with delicious-tasting berry, although small in size, Zaca is big in results. Each altitude adjustment packet contains two altitude-nutrient loaded chewables.

Being in a chewable form as an altitude adjustment supplement, Zaca is fast-acting anytime you need to feel better. Zaca is formulated with science-backed ingredients to help you:

  • rehydrate
  • replenish 
  • and recover

You can take packets days before your trip and more once you arrive at your destination. If on a climb, hike or trek, you can take packets to help throughout the duration of activity.

Top-Quality Altitude Ingredients 

These altitude adjustment packets are made by Zaca, we have been in business for more than 12 years and strive for superior quality. Our chewables are formulated with the highest-quality sourced ingredients that are rarely used, making Zaca the most unique option for altitude.

The packets contain a combination of four active ingredients that work together synergistically for altitude, sourced naturally as gmo-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and synthetic-free. Not only providing the healthiest formula, at Zaca we've researched for years to find the best science-backed ingredients to get proven results.

Homeopathic altitude sickness prevention studies has powered this formula. Each altitude adjustment packet contains the following amino acids, antioxidants and herbs for altitude adjustment:

  • DHM - Studied to enhance physical performance at high altitudes, DHM is derived from the Asian cherished Hovenia Dulcis plant.³
  • Glutathione - Shown to be depleted at high altitudes up to 45%, Glutathione is key to replace.¹
  • Prickly Pear - Loaded with antioxidants and minerals that are vital to fighting oxidative damage at high altitudes.
  • Glutamine - Help reduce dehydration related to high altitude dry-air and increased respiration.²

These four key ingredients are packed into each chewable tablet in the Zaca packets to ensure you feel better faster during altitude travel.

Try Altitude Adjustment Packets Today

Altitude Adjustment Supplement Packets
Zaca's altitude adjustment packets help your body with the physiological stresses of mountain air so you can enjoy your time on the mountain. Formulated in tiny chewables to eat on-the-go and in packets to take anywhere, these are the perfect solution for your next altitude journey. Try Zaca's altitude adjustment packets today and fuel your mountain adventure.




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